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Android 14 may introduce a handy feature for split-screen mode

(Image Credit Google)
Image credit : Android Developers Blog Recently, Google released Android 14 Beta 2, and it appears that the company is working on a fun new split-screen mode feature. Mishaal Rahman noticed the new functionality, which might let users keep app pairs for simpler split-screen viewing. The OS internally creates an app pair when two apps are launched simultaneously, allowing you to reload the same group of programs from the recent apps section. Google may enable users to add a shortcut to the app already installed on the home screen with Android 14. You won't need to take the extra steps to reopen those apps and use the split screen option even if the split apps aren't shown in your recently used apps menu. The saved app pair should be easily accessible via the shortcut. People who frequently launch the same split-screen multitasking apps may find the feature beneficial. Also read : How to Use Split Screen on an Android & iPhone Smartphone? This feature is already available on Samsung's and Microsoft's respective Android forks, as Rahman points out. Samsung really enables pairing of up to 10 apps, which speeds up the multiwindow experience. However, the feature's implementation by Google may open the door for other OEMs to use it for their own launchers. Additionally, it would be a fantastic addition to the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold. The best candidates for it seem to be the large-screen gadgets.

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