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Apple Watch Ultra Battery Is Much Bigger Than the Series 8

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Apple Watch Ultra Battery Is Much Bigger Than the Series 8-GadgetAny

According to the newly uncovered specifications in a Chinese certification database, the Apple Watch Ultra features a 76% large battery compared to the 45mm Series 8, more than double the size of the small Apple Watch SE.

However, the modification was first spotted by MySmartPrice; according to that, the ‌ Apple Watch Ultra ‌ features a 542mAh battery.  Additionally, the 45mm Apple Watch Series 8 contains a 308mAh battery, which is a substantially 76% increase in battery size for the ‌ Apple Watch Ultra compared to the previous most oversized Apple Watch.

Apple watches Ultra, series 8, SE


At launch, Apple opened up about battery life in terms of hours of usage, and it stated a maximum of 60 hours for the Apple Watch Ultra. In addition, the low-power option raises the Apple Watch Series 8 to a maximum of 36 hours.

Eventually, the documents also verify that the ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ consist of the same CPU as the Series 6 and 7, and the new Apple Watch series also has the same battery size.

If we analyze more, the 41mm Series 8 features a battery capacity of 282mAh, while the Series 7 features a 284mAh battery. However, the minimum difference in battery size is unlikely to be noticeable. Meanwhile, the 45mm Series 8 also shares the same battery size as the 45mm Series 7.

Let’s Take a Look in Brief at the Watch Models and Their Respective Battery Sizes Below:

  • Apple Watch SE (40mm): 245mAh
  • Apple Watch SE (44mm): 296mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm): 282mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm): 308mAh

The above comparison clearly states that the Apple Watch Ultra has a battery that is 2.2 times bigger than that in the 40mm version of the Apple Watch SE. It doesn’t follow, though, that the Ultra will have 2.2 times the hours of battery life of Apple’s cheapest Watch.

Apple watches Ultra, series 8, SE


Moreover, the low Power Mode, available on all Apple Watch models supported by watchOS 9, increases battery life by removing the features such as background app refresh, the always-on display, background blood oxygen measurements, and more.

Conversely, the hours of battery life will be more incredible on the Apple Watch Ultra than on any other Apple Watch. Still, the Apple Watch Ultra also has features such as the dual GPS that will reduce battery time.

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