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Apple Will Release iOS 16 on September 12th

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Apple Will Release iOS 16 on September 12th-GadgetAny

Apple announced on September 7th that iOS 16 would be released on September 12th.

The company announced a free upgrade in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference and released the public beta in July. Unfortunately, even though there is a  tradition of two operating systems releasing simultaneously, the iPadOS 16 has been hampered.

The updates will not be surprising as we already know what is in store. The lock screen has a feature to add widgets and modify the look with another way of presenting notifications. Another modification is you get to rework and bring back messages that are already sent, but it has some limitations.

With the new feature iCloud Shared Photo Library, you can share photos with your close circle. Additionally, the Live Text Feature can be used to get the text from the images and videos, which comes with added abilities.

The launch of the latest software by Apple and the latest iPhones 14 Pro and Pro Max, which are ready to be preordered, is perfectly timed. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max can be preordered on September 9th and will be available in stores from September 16th.

As it is a well-known fact that beta is officially unfinished, and you do not want to install it on the phone you already own, you do not have to wait long to take advantage of these upgrades.

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