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Dan Wooton said Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have taken us for fools.

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Dan Wooton said Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have taken us for fools.-GadgetAny
Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

This is the sort of verbal gymnastics that we’ve been used to from politicians who have been plagued by scandals.

As Matt Hancock declaring that he didn’t violate the strict social-discrimination laws he imposed for all of us while groping and kissing one woman who wasn’t his wife at work as Covid rules remained in effect.

For instance, Bill Clinton insisting that he didn’t have sexual relations’ with “that girl Monica Lewinsky’ – and then claiming that while he’d tried smoking marijuana but he did not inhale.

Holly Willoughby returned to host This Morning on Wednesday
Holly Willoughby returned to host This Morning on Wednesday

Scheming Phillip Schofield and his unlucky partner Holly Willoughby’s explanation of why skipping a line of tens of thousands ordinary Brits waiting to pay respects to the Queen who is in her the state of her death wasn’t really the case. The idea of skipping a line will be through the centuries for being one of the greatest PR disasters.

With the live-streaming from Westminster Hall, we spotted the This Morning presenters being escorted through the coffin, even when Holly was wearing the black mask because she was embarrassed by the exact manner in which they were acting.

As a result of the social media videos recorded by honest folks who had lined up for 13 hours in the snaking line along the river Thames We know that they were taken away from the general public to an exclusive entry point.

This is the kind of special kind of treatment Phillip and Holly have come to expect.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

When it comes to ITV Daytime, where I spent 10 years as a reporter they’re untouchable. they are treated as the queen and king of the broadcaster, for whom every need is taken care of Mariah Carey-style by a huge team of always accommodating minions.

If given the chance to see the Queen’s coffin, it would not have occurred to them for a second that they could possibly join the crowd similar to what their colleague Susanna Reid and the more well-known David Beckham decided to do.

In fact, they seemed to believe that their coffin walk was a selfless activity that took place on the Friday (their sacred day off) in order to be the people’s eyes and ears British public.

In a damaging control broadcast last night, Holly said in a voiceover that was suffused with fake sincerity that it was to report about the event for the millions of people across the UK who haven’t had the opportunity to go to Westminster personally.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip SchofieldDan Wotton

The regulations were that we were swiftly escorted from the front to a platform in the back. On the other hand, those who paid tributes walked across an area of carpeting next to the coffin and were allowed the opportunity to take a break. The broadcasters and journalists were allowed to take anyone’s spot in the line, and not one walked past the Queen. Of course, we adhered to the rules.

Dan Wotton
Dan Wotton


We are aware that it might have looked like something else , and therefore , fully comprehend the reaction. Please be aware that we will never be the first to jump in a queue.’

Er, what?

Holly, Phillip and This Morning are playing us for fools with this statement.

We know they skipped the queue. This is not a question and it’s the fact; the videos prove it.

In giving This Morning viewers in such an insensitive way, it’s no wonder Queuegate is destroying Phillip and Holly’s last semblance of credibility.

The issue isn’t whether the main presenters skimmed the line however, the question is whether it was a proper thing to do for journalists who were covering the historic event.

Although we’re all nice and understand that Phil and Holly have become journalists in the field as well as This Morning is a news show, there’s still a lot that does not make sense in their explanation.

The most intriguing thing is that they appeared at Westminster with no technical or camera crew. This isn’t common for presenters on a show like This Morning with a limitless budget.

It is obvious that no equipment could be carried to Westminster Hall itself, but in the event that they were reporting the incident, they should have cameras with them to record their entry and after they had left, perhaps interviewing members of the public on their experiences inside.

What ended being shown was a short video that seemed to have been shot using an iPhone which is in which Holly smiles with delight as Phillip says: ‘That’s going been one at least, the most significant moments of my existence.’

The most intriguing aspect is the fact that they didn’t have a program to broadcast on Sunday, Saturday or Monday. Therefore, they knew that the earliest they could discuss their experiences during the time at Westminster Hall was on Tuesday when the Queen was already taken to the grave.

I think that this has become an issue due to the transparency and credibility.

This is the type of kind of treatment Phillip as well as Holly (pictured as a couple) have been expecting”, writes DAN WOO

It’s the more obnoxious way of saying that we’ve all did not see the issue that has made the situation more difficult.

To be real, I think the fandom of Phillip and Holly may be coming to an end.

In all fairness it’s true that she’s a lovely woman who’s made the decision to be victimized in many ways by her cohost out of loyalty, when she could prefer to go on her own and focusing on her extremely successful primetime projects as well as her businesses that are based on lifestyle.

Viewers have come to terms with Phillip following a string of scandals which seemed to reveal his notoriously icy relationships with other presenters.

These include the first Fern Britton, an excellent woman who has been shattered by her own experiences and the extraordinary Amanda Holden, who he at some point refused to work with and made him feel guilty for the same reason, as well as My GB News colleague Eamonn Holmes who was instrumental in announcing Phillip’s choreographed TV’s release and then was thrown out after a few months.

This Morning worked because it felt like it was watching two best friends and a group of regular guests to whom we could share our experiences.

It’s like we’re being scolded by two cool A-list stars with multi-millions of dollars who aren’t all that friendly to their coworkers or their fellow presenters.

Unfortunately, Queuegate has proven what we’ve been imagining for years: Phillip and Holly think they’re superior to us.

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