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Now Indeed is cutting the number of employees by up to 15%.

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Image Credit: Find My Profession Many tech company workers have been out of work recently, and it is likely that more people will be looking for jobs soon. Amazon and Meta just announced new rounds of layoffs, so there are more people out of work who are likely to try to find a job. Many people turn to online job boards to look for new jobs. However, it seems that this has not been enough to help one of the largest job posting platforms. So, Indeed, the company is going to layoffs. The company plans to reduce the number of employees by about 2,200 people—about 15% of the total workforce. This will affect nearly every team, function, level, and region at Indeed and its temp management platform and subsidiary, Indeed Flex. Chris Hyams, the CEO, says the layoffs are focused on reducing redundant roles and making the company more efficient. Chris Hyams stated that “Leading a company whose mission is to help people get jobs, every single day I think about how important a job is in a person’s life. Losing a job is extraordinarily hard, financially, and emotionally. For those who will be leaving, we are working to bring as much support as possible to each of you.” The company has announced layoffs, and it has notified employees about their individual job statuses. Employees will be notified within an hour, and the email will have a clear subject line. Indeed Office Image Credit: Stidio Dzo The company is giving all of its employees a chance to have a one-on-one meeting with a company leader before they leave, they'll keep their email addresses and passwords for a few extra days, and they'll still get paid through the end of the month. And, as always, employees who are laid off will still get quarterly bonuses, Hyams stated. Some of Google's employees found out their jobs were being cut when they could not access the building anymore because of their badges. Some of the remaining employees found out when their emails stopped bouncing back. Twitter has been downsizing a lot, and it's been really hard on some of the employees. One employee, Haraldur Thorleifsson, was able to confirm that he had lost his job through a long and hostile exchange with Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Employee severance packages were mired in ambiguity and purported delays at both Google and Twitter. Google misrepresented the terms of its severance package and had to correct it. Ex-employees needed Twitter to reassure them that its severance confirmation emails were not phishing scams. A group of former Twitter workers from California filed a lawsuit against the business over the severance package they received. Indeed released a detailed announcement about its layoffs, which it says are more respectful of its workers' and former workers' humanity than some of its tech peers have been. However, the layoffs still come as a strain for employees. Indeed Image Credit: IT Business Although Indeed claims to offer career placement services, it's not clear if there are enough jobs available in the economy right now, and it might be difficult to find a real job. Recently, internal Amazon documents revealed that the company has a history of massively over-listing job openings. Many companies frame the decision to reduce staff as a necessary evil in order to survive, but that may not always be the case. In many cases, it comes down to satisfying investors and maximizing stock value. In addition, cutting staff can lead to corporate contagion, in which other companies follow suit in order to appear as if they are taking appropriate measures in response to economic conditions. Read More: Best Tips For Beginning A New Career Without Experience According to a study from Harvard Business Review, layoffs may actually result in a decrease in long-term profitability for businesses rather than an increase. Whether a company offers 16 weeks of severance or not, everyone risks losing when staff numbers are reduced. Moreover, if any of the 2,200 recently laid-off employees of Indeed visit the website of their previous employer to conduct their own job search, they might find that it is in marginally worse shape than the system they used to work on.

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