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Delivery Boys Can Now Block Rude & Problematic Customers: Doordash

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Delivery Boys Can Now Block Rude & Problematic Customers: Doordash-GadgetAny

The online food delivery service DoorDash announced a number of features aimed at improving worker safety on Monday. In addition to other updates to the DoorDash app, the company said in a blog post that the changes include a new ability for delivery workers to block customers who make them feel unsafe and cancel an order if a customer is rude in a text or call.

“We’re clear-eyed about safety and recognize there will always be more work to be done to help make dashing as safe as possible,” wrote the platform in its announcement. “That’s why our teams are constantly working on new technology and safety features to help Dashers stay safe before, during, and after every dash.”

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The U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are the first countries where most of the new safety features are being implemented. One benefit is that the “Dashers,” the company’s couriers in those four nations, may now more swiftly report safety incidents via calls or in-app chat. Delivery personnel will have the ability to stop future deliveries to a client after reporting an incident or customer, according to the delivery service.

Additionally, the delivery service will soon have a chat tool that automatically identifies potentially offensive messages transmitted between couriers and clients. A Dasher will have the choice to swiftly revoke an order if the AI interprets it as threatening or offensive.

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Additionally, DoorDash stated that it is testing real-time safety alerts via SamDesk. The company claimed it will alert its couriers and start automatically cancelling orders to the affected locations in the event of crises like bomb threats and building fires, alerting both the consumer and Dasher. Additionally, DoorDash will start reminding users to turn on their exterior lights so that Dashers can move more easily.

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