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First iOS 16.6 beta update introduces iMessage Contact Key Verification

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First iOS 16.6 beta update introduces iMessage Contact Key Verification-GadgetAny
iMessage Contact Key Verification

Image credit : 9to5Mac

An iMessage verification mechanism may be one of the first discovered feature updates in iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6, and it may help prevent governmental entities from listening in on critics’ discussions.

Apple added a variety of security measures in December 2022 to assist safeguard the private information of its users in iCloud and iMessage. After several months, Apple appears to be getting ready to launch one of the features in iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6’s first beta versions.

The first developer beta of the new cycle, which was released on May 19, contains a setting in iMessage that enables iMessage Contact Key. According to MacRumors, the setting is included in the beta, but it doesn’t seem to have been activated in iOS itself, thus its existence suggests that it will soon be released.

Image credit : Apple

Apple did not provide a specific date for the arrival of iMessage Contact Key Verification when it was first announced.

The feature targets users who confront what Apple refers to as “extraordinary digital threats” and functions as an addition to the end-to-end encryption already present in iMessage. This is a reference to the possibility of attempts to circumvent Apple’s security and listen in on messaging chats against journalists, human rights advocates, and government officials.

A user can confirm they are messaging exclusively with the intended recipient and are not being interrupted by extraneous forces by using the Contact Key Verification tool. Users can compare Contact Verification Codes with one another in person, over FaceTime, or through other secure connections for enhanced security.

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If a state-sponsored attacker manages to access cloud servers or otherwise discovers a way to monitor encrypted messages, users who have activated iMessage Contact Key Verification will be automatically notified.

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