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Google confirms the Pixel 7a's release on May 11 via an official tease

(Image Credit Google)

New Google Pixel 7a: May 11 India release date confirmed (Image credit- The Vocal News)

In the previous several weeks, there have been numerous leaks of the Pixel 7a, which will be unveiled at Google I/O the following week. In light of new specs and color leaks, Google has now formally hinted at the Pixel 7a and confirmed its release date. Google India says the Pixel 7a is coming via a tweet without specifically mentioning the device, but the teaser is very evident. The phone appears in a somewhat fuzzy image, displaying the blue color option that we have now seen many times. Two things are verified by this teaser. For starters, it is fantastic to see that the Pixel 7a would be offered in India at launch after previous absences and delays in the country. Beyond that, though, this teaser also verifies the Pixel 7a's launch date. The phone will go on sale on May 11, as originally predicted, while pre-orders are still anticipated to start in the US on May 10. The Pixel 7a is anticipated to have a minor price increase in the US; this will probably also be the case in India. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Google officially previews Pixel 7a, confirms May 11 launch Image credit- NextBig What[/caption] Other leaks, in addition to the teaser, which verifies the Pixel 7a release date, are confirming additional information about Google's impending release. A number of Pixel 7a marketing materials, including renders of the phone, spec summaries, and other photos that highlight Pixel 7a capabilities, were leaked by Roland Quandt this morning. Also read: Why the new Pixel 7A from Google might be the device you’ve been looking for Images of the Tensor G2 and its related features, such as Clear Calling and Photo Unblur, are included here. Other images showcase the Google ecosystem of devices and the addition of wireless charging. The Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a differ from each other in terms of their specs, including their 90Hz displays, 64MP rear cameras, 13MP front cameras, 8x "Super Res Zoom," and wireless charging.

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