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Google Fiber Offers Lightning-Fast 5 Gigabits per Second Internet Service

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After a pause in further expansion, Google Fiber is back, and the company is offering a new high of 5 gigabits per second. Google Fiber first made waves by laying miles of fiber-optic cable and offering a competitive alternative to the local ISP monopoly. The service had paused further expansion, but now it seems that Google Fiber is making a comeback. However, the downside to Google Fiber has always been its limited rollout area, which continues to be the case. The company announced that the 5 gig service is coming only to "Kansas City, West Des Moines, and all our Utah cities," and no wide rollout plans are in the works. If you're one of the lucky residents in the blessed Fiber cities, the 5 gig service is a dream come true. The 5 gigabits per second service is symmetrical, meaning it offers both 5 gigabit download and upload speeds, which is a massive improvement over something like Comcast and its approximately 35 megabytes per second upload speeds. Normal ISP upload speeds can be crippling for content creators, developers, or anyone who regularly generates 4K videos. The 5 gigabits per second service is $125 a month, which includes a professionally installed 10 gig fiber modem, as well as a Wi-Fi 6 router and two mesh extenders. [caption id="attachment_93653" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Google Fiber Google Fiber[/caption] Google Fiber's equipment comes with its own Nest WiFi package. While you can use your own equipment, the Nest WiFi package is preferred. However, all models of Nest WiFi only have a 1 gigabit Ethernet port for the modem hookup, which can be a bottleneck in a 5 gigabit Internet setup. For the best 5 gigabit Internet experience, users need to be picky about their equipment, especially when it comes to feeding 5 gigabits into a Wi-Fi or wired setup. The 10 gig modem is a sign of Google's plans to push Google Fiber even further. The company says that "8 gig is on the horizon," which is a reference to a previously announced plan to launch a $150 service tier in early 2023. The company also tested 20 gigabits per second and said it's on a "journey to 100 gig symmetrical Internet." Also Read: How to Use Google Tuner to Tune Your Guitar? In summary, Google Fiber is making a comeback, and they're offering an incredible 5 gigabits per second service for residents in their limited rollout areas. While the service is expensive, it's well worth the price for content creators, developers, and anyone who generates a lot of high-quality video content. However, users need to be picky about their equipment to ensure they're getting the best 5 gigabit Internet experience. Google Fiber's plans to push their service further with 8 gig and beyond is an exciting prospect, and it will be interesting to see how the company develops its high-speed Internet service in the future.

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