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Google’s VPN is now available for PC use

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Google’s VPN is now available for PC use-GadgetAny
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You can access a VPN with Google’s “One” membership package in addition to receiving extra storage space across all Google services. On Windows and macOS PCs, you may now use it as a standard VPN client.

As long as they reside in one of the 22 approved countries, Google One members with a Premium plan (with 2TB or more) can now download VPN software for their laptops. It enables you to hide your true IP address and keep yourself safe online.

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If you’re using Google One from the United States, you can only use a US IP since Google One’s VPN only allows you to use an IP from the location you’re presently in. That’s unfortunate since it essentially implies that you can’t use Google’s VPN to impersonate someone from another country and bypass regional restrictions on popular streaming video services. Other VPNs frequently include that feature, even some free services.

Google’s VPN cannot be utilized outside of the 22 countries it is supported in for the same reason. It’s a good perk to have since it’s free as long as you’re paying for 2TB or more of additional Google space.

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