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Great iPhone Features Android Should Start Giving in Its Updates

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We love our phones, both Android and iPhone, but is it not all our inner wish that Android could pick up some features from iPhone and vice versa? Though an Android phone seems to be more popular, it still lacks some features that only the iPhone has, and these have been the prerequisite for a while now. iPhone and Android features   According to the surveys, Android is a more customer-friendly phone in the usage department and budget-friendly. But the iPhone is a phenomenon in itself. Though both operating systems are remarkable by their standards, humans' need is never-ending. So we made a list of the features that Android could catch on from the iPhone. Some of the key features Android could adopt from iPhone are
  • Face ID was released in 2017, and Android is still behind in getting this on their device. However, Android does boast of Face Unlock, but it is not as good as Face ID, which goes without saying that it is more secure and sound.
  • Though both the operating systems have the "do not disturb mode," Apple takes Focus Mode's feature a notch higher in iOS 15. Focus Mode lets you create a profile that matches your daily activity, and also, you can filter out the contacts and apps. With an iPhone, you can set your profile based on the time, location, or even the app.
  • AirPlay is a proprietary feature that Apple develops, so we do not expect Android to come with this feature ever. Although some third-party apps let you stream video and audio on your phone, it does not come close to the built-in system. Here is hoping that Google somehow gets its hand on AirPlay and features it on Android devices.
  • The Drag & Drop feature, which Apple has had for years, is only getting richer with time. You can drag the stuff and drop it into the app you wish, or the action of even copying and pasting is available. But unfortunately, even the latest android device does not have this system.
  • The Offloading Apps feature is used for storage on your device. You can delete apps you do not use without losing any data by saving you the time to start again upon installation. By offloading apps that are not used, you get free storage space. But, Android needs to rely on third-party apps to clean up the area on the device.
  • Apple has done it right by separating the notification and the settings app. You can view the notification by swiping down from the left at the top and can access the quick settings by swiping on top at the right of the screen. In Android, you must lift twice to look at the notifications.
  • The iPhone shows the battery life. Once the battery goes below 80%, the company messages you promptly to get your battery serviced or replaced. Again, in Android, you will need help from third-party apps to check your battery life.
iPhone and Android features   However, it is not fair to undermine Android because despite all these features the iPhone has, a commoner would still prefer an Android over an iPhone for its simplicity.

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