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Green Sector Jobs Increased, Fossil Fuel Sector Lagged Behind

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Green Sector Jobs Increased, Fossil Fuel Sector Lagged Behind-GadgetAny
Green Sector Jobs Increased

According to a research released on Thursday, the clean energy sector currently employs more people than the fossil fuel sector, highlighting the impact that efforts to combat climate change are having on the global labour market.

According to the International Energy Agency, technologies that reduce emissions, such as those used in the manufacture of electric vehicles, building insulation, solar energy projects, and wind farms, have contributed to a post-pandemic jobs recovery in the industry. According to current estimates, more than half of the 65 million employment in the energy sector worldwide, with the exception of Russia and the Middle East, are related to clean energy, which according to the IEA’s definition also includes nuclear power.

Green Sector Jobs Increased

However, the Paris-based organisation said high energy prices including for fossil fuels have seen an uptick in employment, mainly for liquefied natural gas infrastructure. Due to the conflict in Ukraine, many European nations are frantically searching for alternatives to Russian gas supplies.

As a result of higher unionisation rates and higher pay for riskier labour in the fossil fuel business, earnings in clean energy occupations are lower than those in that sector. Nuclear power is an exception, according to the EPA, because it requires highly specialised staff.
He pleaded with businesses, labour advocates, and governments to make sure clean energy initiatives produce high-quality jobs and draw in a diverse labour force.

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