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Homeless Man Throws feces at LA business owner. Video Surfaced!!

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Homeless Man Throws feces at LA business owner. Video Surfaced!!-GadgetAny

An Los Angeles homeless man has been captured on video throwing his own waste at the owner of a business, who has slammed city officials for “not paying attention” about the ever-growing temporary crisis.

Paul Scrivano, owner of the Blue Dog Beer Tavern near Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks posted a video of the unclothed man throwing a bucket of trash onto the front of his vehicle.


“Every the day is as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”” Scrivano stated to FOX11 that day about the homeless individuals who populate the area surrounding his restaurant.

“Literally it’s a mental Ward.”

The Scrivano reported that one man specifically defecates in public in the area of Ventura Boulevard.

“Every every morning I wipe that dirt off my property before having to go on things,” Scrivano said.


Theo Marvo, owner of the Sherman restaurant, which is near by was adamant with Scrivano’s frustration.


“It’s predominantly the criminal element of homeless and homeless,” he said.

Lawyer Larry Spade, chair of the Homelessness Committee for the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association stated that business owners are entitled to be unhappy.

A lot of entrepreneurs are on a to the bone, they’re just not getting the support they require and are entitled to,” he explained.


“Individual homeless individuals will set up be able to camp out in front of stores to build their homes there and bring their belongings to make it the bedroom. When the business owners are about to open their doors they will have to manage homeless people who are blocking the entryway to their business . After that they are faced with the cleanup of the hazardous waste that is before their premises located at Sherman Oaks, right on Ventura Boulevard.”

Scrivano is, for his part has repeatedly sent videos of people who are not housed in a state of fear and defusing themselves of their burdens Ventura Boulevard to the office of Councilwoman Nithya Raman, who is the representative for Sherman Oaks.

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