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Honda Plans for an ‘Electric’ Future in North America

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Honda Plans for an ‘Electric’ Future in North America-GadgetAny

Honda shoots for North America EV rollout in 3 phases (Image credit- Automotive News)

According to a report, the Japanese automaker Honda plans to concentrate on an electric future in North America with the launching of two models created with General Motors next year and a larger EV featuring a new platform arriving in 2025.

Honda President Toshihiro Mibe stated that the business is moving forward with investments and partnerships to fulfill its electrification ambitions in an announcement of new initiatives on Wednesday.

Utilizing electricity
By 2040, Honda intends to have all of its vehicles run on electricity or hydrogen-based fuel cells, which produce no emissions. By 2030, the company hopes to produce over 2 million EVs yearly.

Honda plans to launch three electric vehicle (EV) models in Japan starting in 2025, two of which will be based on the N-ONE model.

Honda To Sell 800,000 EVs In North America By 2030
Image credit- Inside Evs

Even consumers who had previously expressed skepticism are now purchasing EVs, especially in the US, China, Europe, Australia, and many other countries, as a result of the increased efforts made by governments to cut emissions and combat climate change.

However, it’s still not obvious whether Japanese automakers like Honda and Toyota will continue to rule the EV industry as they do with conventional automobiles or if new competitors will overtake them.

According to the reports, some experts contend that knowledge and experience gained in the car industry may be applied to the production of EVs, while others say that the electric age is a brand-new frontier that offers prospects for new entrants.

Due to its weight and the difficulties in producing it, the battery is a major barrier to the general adoption of EVs. To guarantee a steady supply of nickel, cobalt, and lithium for its batteries, Honda has nevertheless planned to collaborate with Japanese trade firm Hanwa.

Honda intends to produce its electric vehicles in North America in order to be eligible for the full tax incentives provided by the US Inflation Reduction Act. The Marysville facility is one of three Ohio-based Honda facilities where these vehicles will be put together.

Honda Is The Latest Carmaker To Plan A Big U.S. Battery Plant—Just In Time  For New EV Tax Credit
Image credit- Forbes

Honda will use batteries from General Motors and a partnership with LG Energy Solution of South Korea to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Additionally, a portion of the minerals and battery components utilized in production will come from North America or a US free trade partner.

Honda’s “E&E architecture” platform, which stresses the software, connectivity, and services that run while driving and can be updated over time, is helping the company create solid-state batteries for EVs.

The CEO of Mibe agrees that automakers will struggle to compete in this market. Honda has also had to deal with the global computer chip shortage that other automakers have been experiencing as a result of pandemic-related limitations.

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To prevent further shortages, Honda has reached a preliminary agreement with Taiwan’s TSMC, the largest semiconductor producer in the world.


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