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How do I activate mobile site view in Firefox on a computer?

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(Image credit- Tech Republic) Websites are typically created differently for mobile, laptop, and desktop computers. Additionally, the mobile version of a website typically differs from the desktop version. You may easily activate mobile site view on the Firefox browser, as demonstrated in this guide if you wish to access mobile websites on your PC.

How do I enable mobile site view on Firefox in a computer?

You've come to the correct place if you want to use the Firefox browser on your computer to access the mobile site. If you're a developer or simply want to access the mobile view, you can use the several techniques we've included below to launch the mobile version of a website in Firefox. Continue reading. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="742"]Mozilla: No Mobile Firefox Browser Image credit- AppAdvice[/caption]

Method 1: Using the Inspect feature in Firefox

  • Go to a website you wish to check out on mobile by opening Mozilla Firefox and visiting it.
  • Select Inspect with a right-click on the page.
  • Select Responsive Design Mode from the toolbar's top-right menu.
The website will now load in the responsive mode in Firefox, which allows you to select a different resolution. You can adjust it by tapping on the Responsive drop-down box at the top and choosing a device from the list whose mobile version you want to see, or you can just type the resolution in pixels. Choose the Galaxy Note 20 as an example, and the webpage will display exactly as it will on that particular Android device. Using the available settings, you can also see how the website might seem on an iPhone and iPad. Also read: Chrome, Firefox Extensions With Up to 4 Million Installs Found Leaking Sensitive Personal Data

Method 2: Utilizing responsive design mode 

In order to view a website's mobile version, users or developers can adjust the resolutions of the website using Firefox's responsive design mode. The Inspect tool opens the responsive design mode when switching devices, thus this approach is fairly similar to that. To use the capability to see the mobile site, simply follow the procedures listed below.
  • Launch the Firefox browser and navigate to the website you wish to test the mobile version of.
  • Select More Tools from the hamburger menu in the top right corner.
  • From the menu that appears, pick Responsive Design Mode.
When you do, the website will load in a mobile version with a responsive design, which you can adjust to display different resolutions. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Enable Firefox mobile view from desktop – Better Host Review Image credit– Better Host Review[/caption]

Method 3: Use an online emulator to view a mobile website

Additionally, you can see mobile websites via an online emulator. For those who are unaware, emulators simulate the behavior of another computer or mobile system; they are used to test programs, though some are also accessible to test the responsiveness of websites.
  • Go to the website you wish to view the mobile version of and copy the URL.
  • Visit a website that acts as an emulator, such as lambdatest.com.
  • Enter the URL that was copied and press the Check button.
  • After completing the aforementioned steps, the mobile version of the website will appear on your computer's Firefox browser.

Method 4: Mobile View Tester Firefox Extension

Users can test webpages on a variety of mobile devices using the Mobile View Tester add-on. It does, however, also include a few well-known smartphone models, such as the Galaxy S10, Pixel 2 XL, iPhone X, etc. To install and utilize the extension, adhere to the steps listed below.
  • Open the Mozilla Firefox Add-on Store in the first step.
  • Find Mobile View Tester by doing a search and going to the extension page.
  • Click Add to Firefox > Add to add the add-on to the browser.
  • To Enable Mobile Site View on a Firefox Computer, Use the Mobile View Tester Extension.
  • After adding it, visit a website you want to see in mobile mode. Choose Mobile View Tester by tapping the extension menu icon in the toolbar's upper right corner.

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