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How Do Journalists, Filmmakers, Lawyers, and Students Benefit from Today’s Transcription Services?

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How Do Journalists, Filmmakers, Lawyers, and Students Benefit from Today’s Transcription Services?-GadgetAny
Transcription Services

Have you ever struggled to take notes during a meeting and lost focus as a result? The best of us struggle with that issue. 

Thankfully, contemporary technology makes it possible for us to record our conversations and provide crystal-clear audio or video files for analysis. How do we use these recordings to their fullest potential, though?

The Process of Transcription

Big businesses aren’t the only ones who employ transcribing services. People do it too. A transcript is a speech’s textual version. It could be a verbatim transcript of a conversation on the phone, a focus group, a product launch, a meeting of the sales team, or an interview. 

In these circumstances, people exchange crucial knowledge that will aid in making critical judgments.

Depending on the expert or vendor in charge, the transcription procedure varies. The demand for truth, particularly in the domains of law, medicine, media, and education, hasn’t changed. To ensure accuracy, a transcription may take place across several rounds.


Who profits from the Services for Transcription?

Let’s consider the bigger picture. You’ll benefit greatly from transcription services if you’ve ever found it difficult to follow a conversation in its entirety. 

Despite the fact that transcription benefits most industries, certain parties profit from it more than others. This post will illustrate how four key types of people benefit from transcription to succeed in their respective areas.


Journalists are persons that put in a lot of effort to convey the most recent information and cover significant events that affect how we live. 

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Law enforcement officials, business and political figures, as well as witnesses, are frequently questioned by them. 

Journalists and reporters are unable to take thorough notes during these question-and-answer sessions on the spot.

Typically, they will record speeches and interviews, then use those recordings as sources for writing their news articles. Services that provide transcription make reporting easier. 

As opposed to listening to an audio clip, reading a transcript makes it much simpler to take note of the important passages in a dialogue.


Nowadays, a filmmaker can be anyone with a video recording device. You may have recently noticed the deluge of amateur productions on YouTube. Filmmakers can also occasionally be considered to be content providers. Whether you’re a pro or not, transcribing services are necessary for film production.

Image: Premiumbeat

First, acquiring information for a movie may entail conducting interviews and using various techniques. 

The procedure is aided by transcription, which enables the filmmaker to put the pieces together. Captioning, a branch of transcribing used in post-production, is essential to help viewers comprehend the film and increase interest.


Transcription is essential in the legal industry. The business is around gathering evidence to support a claim and developing an argument to back it up. 

Without trustworthy information from witness interviews and depositions, attorneys will not be able to defend a case. They will therefore constantly send these recordings for transcription.

Additionally, transcripts are required for record-keeping functions. Cases are usually related to one another, and precedents will help attorneys maintain their positions. 

Transcripts will be used by a legal team to look for these links. Analyzing them is much simpler than replaying recordings. Additionally, with fewer file sizes, storing is a simpler process.


If you’ve ever gone to college, you are aware of the amount of knowledge that can be covered in an hour-long lecture. 

The struggle between paying attention to the instructor and taking notes is one that students continuously face. It is almost hard to concentrate on both at once. And for that reason, they both record and transcribe their lessons.

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It is simpler to scan, comprehend, highlight, and assemble lecture transcripts. Each of us learns in a unique way. While some of us learn best visually, others like to learn best physically or via reading and writing. Transcripts are unquestionably in the latter group’s favor.

The Market’s Most Notable Transcription Players

Transcription isn’t any different from other areas of life where AI is advancing. There is automated voice recognition programs available today that promise to easily turn audio into text. 

However, AI has a serious lack of accuracy. And for this reason, many customers continue to turn to expert transcribing services.


One of the biggest transcribing companies in the world, GoTranscript was established in Scotland in 2005. It supports more than 60 languages and doesn’t just handle English files. 


The human-based transcribing method used by GoTranscript is beautiful; it was designed with quality controls to guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Customers give the expert services provided by GoTranscript a grade of 4.9 out of 5. The clear pricing structure, individualized service, and rigorous adherence to delivery deadlines are all praised. 

The business offers assistance with translations, captions, subtitles, and transcription. GoTranscript is tough to beat with costs starting at $0.77 per audio minute and a 99+% accuracy guarantee.

Rev is another top provider of transcription services, similar to GoTranscript. The business was founded in 2010, but it swiftly expanded and today employs 72,000 transcribers. 

You can choose between a professional transcript and one generated by Rev’s in-house AI program. As you might anticipate, fees vary dramatically between the two, with the former starting at $1.50 for each audio minute and the latter at $0.25.

Zoom live captioning is one of Rev’s special services. Even while this service improves comprehension, accuracy is just 90%, and even then, that’s under ideal conditions.

Happy writing!


By combining the skills of people and AI, Barcelona-based firm Happy Scribe aims to produce superior transcriptions. 

There are two types of transcription services offered by this company: automated and human-based. The latter charges $1.84 for each audio minute, which is substantially more expensive than GoTranscript and Rev.

According to the company, finished transcripts will be delivered in 24 hours. Even if we don’t know much about the transcription process, it’s obvious that the interactive editor was well-designed by the developers.

Don’t you think that if people understood one another better, the world would be a better place? Many people depend on transcription in their daily lives. Find out what this service can do for your professional and personal endeavors right away.

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