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How to Claim Your Artist Page on Apple Music

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Image credit : Apple As an aspiring artist, one of the crucial steps in launching your music career is to claim your artist profile on major streaming platforms like Apple Music. Not only does this provide you with valuable insights into your audience, but it also allows you to customize your profile to make a lasting impression. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

Uploading Your Music to Apple Music

Before you can claim your artist page, you need to make sure your music is available on Apple Music. To do this, you'll typically go through a music distribution company. These companies offer various features and pricing models, so it's essential to research and choose the one that suits your needs. Some distributors, like LANDR, even offer AI tools to enhance your music quality. Once you've released your music through your chosen distributor, it usually takes around 14 business days for it to appear on Apple Music and other platforms.

Claiming Your Apple Music Artist Page

After giving your music a few days to populate on Apple Music, you can start the process of claiming your artist page. Here's how to do it:
  • Visit the Apple Music for Artists website: Use the Apple Music for Artists link to request access to your artist page. This will prompt a sign-in screen.
  • Sign in or create an Apple ID: Enter your Apple ID email and password. If you don't have one, you'll need to create an account. You may be asked to confirm that you trust your browser.
  • Find your artist profile: On the "Find an Artist" screen, enter your artist name or the URL of one of your tracks, albums, or artist pages on iTunes or Apple Music. You can locate this URL through various sources, including Apple Music's website, the iTunes app or website, or your distribution company's website. You can also use the Share option to copy the URL and paste it into the search bar.
  • Provide artist information: Enter all available artist information, such as personal details, links to your social media accounts, the distribution company you used, and label and management information (if applicable). This helps Apple Music verify your identity.
  • Submit your request: Click the "Submit" button in the bottom-right corner to send your access request.
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Claiming Your Apple Music Artist Page on Your Phone

Alternatively, you can use the Apple Music for Artists app on your phone to claim your artist page. After downloading the app and signing in with your Apple ID, follow the same steps mentioned above to request access.

Customizing Your Apple Music Artist Profile

Once you've successfully claimed your artist profile, you'll gain access to various features, including:
  • Music analytics: Get insights into your music's performance.
  • Lyrics upload: Share your song lyrics with your audience.
  • Custom promotional assets: Add videos and milestones to promote your work.
  • Account management: Control access requests for your team.
Make the most of these tools to personalize your artist page, refine your image, and connect with your fans on Apple Music. Also read : OpenAI unveils the third version of its generative AI visual art platform DALL-E 3 So, after releasing your music through a distribution company, don't forget to visit the Apple Music for Artists website or app to claim your artist profile. With a URL of your work and relevant artist information, you can express your unique artistic vision and make a meaningful connection with your audience on Apple Music. Your journey to musical success starts here!

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