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How to test out Microsoft’s ChatGPT Edge & be among the first to do so?

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How to test out Microsoft’s ChatGPT Edge & be among the first to do so?-GadgetAny

The artificial intelligence (AI) that Microsoft introduced to its Edge browser and Bing search engine is supported by the same cutting-edge technology that OpenAI utilized to develop ChatGPT. And even better, you can use it right away.

Microsoft is allowing access to the ChatGPT-powered Bing and Edge versions even though the complete release is still a ways off. How to acquire access first and foremost is provided here.

How to use the brand-new Bing powered by AI?

A Chat button, however, may be found at the top of the page, to the left of the Images, if you look closely. Right now, if you click this button, you’ll probably encounter a message saying that it isn’t yet available. You must wait till the updated Bing is available.

Microsoft's new Bing and Edge hands-on: Surprisingly well-integrated AI | Engadget

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You may test it out beforehand with some preset samples and join a waiting list to be among the first to use the full version when it launches, so don’t worry.

Visit bing.com/new in any browser, including on a MacBook, then scroll down to the Ask anything area to see a preview of the new ChatGPT-powered Bing right now.

How to get the latest Edge powered by AI?

Although Microsoft isn’t providing as much access to its Edge browser as it does for Bing, you can still receive a sneak preview of the new browser through Microsoft’s Edge development channel.

You can download the beta, development, or canary versions of the browser from the Microsoft Edge Insider page. Canary versions receive daily updates with the most recent changes Microsoft is testing, while dev versions receive weekly updates. Beta versions receive a significant update every four weeks previewing new features.

Download Microsoft Edge Insider Channels

Photo Credit: Download Microsoft Insider Channels

The version we got did not have the integration, despite Microsoft’s claims that a version in the dev channel will release on February 7. If you wish to test out the upgraded version before anyone else,

How can I obtain access more quickly?

The only suggestion Microsoft offered was that Bing chat will “scale the preview to millions in the coming weeks” because rollouts are tough to predict with any degree of accuracy. The preview is currently only partially accessible on desktop browsers. Over time, access will increase, eventually delivering the new Bing to cellphones.

But you can access the new Bing faster by choosing the large blue button with that label. This will outline various actions you can take to advance in the queue.

Many Android phones will offer Bing alongside Google search in Europe | Engadget

Photo Credit: Engadget

Does ChatGPT compare to Bing Chat?

The new Bing conversation, which is more sophisticated than ChatGPT, is described by Microsoft as “a new, next-generation OpenAI big language model.” There are other factors to take into account because the intention is to combine this with Bing search.

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