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HP Retro Calculator all set to enter in the market again with "Collector's Edition"

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It looks likes the old skool fans still wants the retro gadgets to become cool again. That's why HP is bringing back an outdated model as a "Collector's Edition," complete with a price that could make you do a double take. The HP-15C made its debut back in 1982, when HP still went by the name Hewlett-Packard. It followed numerous other classic HP calculator models produced in the mid-to-late '70s, notably the HP-65, which was really programmable via a built-in magnetic card reader. It debuted roughly ten years after the Busicom LE-120A Handy, the first handheld electronic calculator with an LED display. A scientific calculator having "built-in support for complex numbers, matrix math, numerical integration, and root solving" was the HP-15C, which was a pocket-sized device. It sported a 10-digit segmented LCD display, and it enjoyed such a devoted following that HP-15Cs are still available on eBay for a couple hundred dollars. [caption id="attachment_176540" align="alignright" width="1200"]HP Calculator Image: HP[/caption] Although HP discontinued the original HP-15C in 1989, they brought it back in 2011 as the "HP 15c Limited Edition." The calculator is currently making a comeback after 12 years as the "HP 15C Collector's Edition." It has the same appearance and functionality as the original, including a 10-digit segmented LCD display that seems almost antiquated in this day and age, but should have far longer battery life because it uses two CR2032 coin cells. It's also "up to 100x faster processing speed," which sounds like it would make this calculator a hacker's paradise, claims HP. Also Read: Google Play store to kick out outdated apps

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