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'I lost my virginity at 17 but am enjoying the best orgasms of my life at 49'

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A woman who lost her virginity at the age of 17 claimed that, at the age of 49, she is experiencing her finest orgasms ever. Sex therapist Louise Van Der Velde, often known as The Pleasure Professor, discussed her five stages of sex and the reasons she is experiencing her most potent orgasms as she nears middle age. Louise has made millions of dollars while traveling the world to help wealthy couples with their marital problems. She is having the best sex of her life as she anticipates turning 50 next year because she genuinely thinks that sex improves with age. Louise, who is known for her ground-breaking and brutally honest sexual and relationship guides, said: “I have lived through my own five ages of sex, and I can confidently say that it really does get better with age, and I am enjoying the most intense orgasms of my life.
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“The key to sexual happiness is confidence, and I have never felt more comfortable in my skin. “It was only as a widow in my 40s that I truly reached sexual fulfillment, and it has been getting better and better ever since. “It is liberating to be able to pass on my own knowledge to couples struggling to achieve the same inner happiness and sexual highs.”female orgasm Louise, 49, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, guides her clients through their own ages of sex and the previous relationships that have influenced their sexual outlook in order to help them realize their full sexual potential. She recently discussed her own five stages of sexual development, starting with losing her virginity in her late teens and ending with her hurried marriage. Before meeting her husband Stephen, who is 22 years old, the pleasure expert acknowledged that she had just a few meaningful relationships. [caption id="attachment_68327" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Louise van der Velde Louise van der Velde  Image: The Sun[/caption] He was a licensed doctor and a powerlifting champion, and he was four years older than she was. Even after having kids, she claimed that their sexual life was "wild and fun," and they established a successful medical practice in Spain, earning her the nickname "Viagra bride." Louise said they'd use the drug to fuel their sex sessions and would enjoy up to eight orgasms an hour. "I began exploring an open relationship with my husband, and we also enjoyed threesomes," she added. [caption id="attachment_68333" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Louise Van Der Velde The sexpert 'helped couples explore free love' in sex parties that 'saved marriages'[/caption] “My husband died suddenly in my early 30s following a fall - the coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death. "I moved into sexual counseling after launching my Pleasure Professor brand, and adopted a seize-the-day attitude to my own to my own sexual relations. "This decade was like a real-life Fifty Shades of Grey for me with multiple lovers and bondage games. [caption id="attachment_68328" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Louise van der Velde Louise van der Velde  Image: The Sun

[/caption] "I wrote about this decadent decade in my best-selling book Decent Proposal. which is still available on Amazon. “I also boosted my confidence with a boob job, paying £5,000 to go up from 34B to 34DD, which made me feel a lot more sexy.” In addition, she describes her late 40s as a time of "sexual nirvana" during which she has been living her "best life," and she has also had experience hosting sex events in Ibiza. I shared female girlfriends with regular partners who would join us for threesomes because I was publicly bisexual, she added. "I had a second boob job to make my bust look better."Louise Van Der Velde & Matthew Cook She claimed that while in her 20s, all she cared about was looking good, she is now learning to fully let go, give and receive, and naturally switch between being submissive and dominant depending on her mood. She embraces every moment and disregards the rules. Louise continued: “It is a process I call ‘reverse aging’, which allows a woman in her 50s to be their very best selves both in and out of the bedroom. “I lost my virginity aged 17 to my first serious boyfriend. [caption id="attachment_68335" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Louise Van Der Velde Louise says she 'taught her clients how to have threesomes'[/caption] "Sex at the time was all about exploration - finding out what I liked. "There was lots of sex outdoors and in strange places." Even so, she missed sex and is now back on the dating scene with "a vengeance", and she admits she's "enjoying the most powerful orgasms of her life". "I can enjoy multiple orgasms with a technique known as ‘edging’ where you become aroused to the point of climax before briefly refraining from sex and then resuming," she added. [caption id="attachment_68330" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Louise Van Der Velde & Matthew Cook Louise Van Der Velde & Matthew Cook[/caption] "When you finally release that orgasm at the end, it is incredibly intense. "I also experience long-lasting super orgasms, named as such because they are super explosive for a very long time. “I am more choosy about who I sleep with - preferring to have a very deep connection with a select few lovers.
"I find I get more intense passion when I am ready to merge my sacred energy fields with the source energy of my lover - a technique I explain in my podcasts. "It is connected to the teachings of Tantra and means that sex can go on for prolonged periods - meaning I have to block out time in my diary when I know that I am going to enjoy sex.”

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