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In India, the sub-$10,000 electric vehicle MG Comet makes its debut

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Photo Credit: Business Today The Comet, a vehicle from MG that promises to "keep it real" with a build and specs to match its comparatively low price-tag, is part of the company's ongoing entrance into the EV market. The 2-door car has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support but doesn't have features like rapid charging, heated seats, or even a particularly long range. The MG Comet has recently given the trend of electric vehicles more momentum as they become more well-liked and cost-effective. But cautious Indian buyers might want to be warned that the new little car's "no-nonsense" approach to modern transportation still has a price in some very tangible ways. MG Comet EV launch in India in April, will be available in five colour  options Photo Credit: 91mobiles.com Although the MG Comet is advertised as being "'gram worthy," it actually looks like an AI's response to the prompt "Fiat 500 but cuboid." The price of the MG Comet may only be INR 798,000 (roughly US$9,768). The resulting form has a wheelbase of about 2 meters (m) and a turning circle of only 4.2 meters. Despite having a volume of 7.34m3, MG claims that it can comfortably seat 4 people. However, the Comet has two displays for its infotainment system, one of which is located behind the "leather" steering wheel that has "audio controls." However, that hardly makes up for the 17.3kWh battery in the inexpensive e-car, which only produces 40 horsepower and 110 Nm of torque. It can travel up to 143 miles (230 km) on a single charge, which can be completed in 7 hours (or 5.5 hours for 80%) using a 3.3 kW type-2 input. Also Read: Ingenuity, a NASA helicopter, completes its 50th flight The Comet's wheels are only 12 inches in diameter, which makes them smaller than those of many e-bikes even if they have front and back suspension. Therefore, a buyer might not find everything they need in the new MG car unless they want a very compact car for very short or urban trips.

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