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iOS16 Gets Lock Screen Widget To Gmail & Google News

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Google has made the iOS 16 Lock Screen widget update available for most of its core products, including Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Drive, Search, and Google News. Users will have to wait for these widgets, which will be available in the coming weeks. For those wondering how these widgets differ from those already available on iOS, the main difference is that they are now being pulled to the Lock Screen. Gmail version 6.0.220918 was released to the App Store today, and it includes the "New Unread Messages" Lock Screen widget, which allows you to "keep up with new messages by seeing how many unread emails are currently in your inbox." It comes in three different sizes:
  • 1×1 circle: Unread count and Gmail logo.
  • 2×1 rectangle: Unread count with breakdown that includes Chats and Spaces.
  • Top/single line widget (above the time).
iOS16 Gets Lock Screen Widget To Gmail Apple's iOS 16 adds the ability to further customize the Lock Screen. This includes the ability to change the font style and color of the time and date display, as well as the addition of new and more customizable wallpapers and widgets to the Lock Screen itself. Users will be able to quickly view information from the Lock Screen without having to unlock the device. According to Google's blog post, written by Susie Wee, VP for Cross-Product Experiences, the Google search widget will allow users to search from the Lock Screen using voice or camera. This widget also allows users to translate or get homework assistance. The Chrome Lock Screen widget will also allow users to start a search with their voice or load the popular dinosaur game. The Google Drive widget will allow users to access starred files or folders with a single tap, whereas the Maps widget will display a user's frequent trips as well as estimated travel times. All of this information is accessible via your Lock Screen. The Maps widget will also include a Search function to help you find restaurants and shops. iOS16 Gets Lock Screen Widget To Gmail Google News will also receive a widget that displays real-time headlines at a glance. In the app, users can tap to read more. Most importantly, the Gmail widget should be appealing to a wide range of users. This will show you the number of new messages in your inbox. According to the blog post, users will also be able to "customize the widget to see which inbox categories, such as Social or Updates, contain new messages." A Reminder To All Users: after updating to the most recent versions of each app, make sure to launch it once before going to the Lock Screen editor to add something. Otherwise, the widgets might not appear.

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