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iPhone adds Great new trick to iOS16 you can use for FREE

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iPhone adds Great new trick to iOS16 you can use for FREE-GadgetAny
iPhone adds genius new trick

If you’ve got the most recent iPhone update there’s a smart method you can use.

The latest iOS 16 lets you completely personalize the appearance of your Lock Screen – but it improves even more.

There’s a brand new trick known as Photo Shuffle that will show you a brand new photo each whenever you get up on the iPhone.

You can pick the pictures by yourself, meaning you won’t be stunned by a picture of a food delivery or receipt appearing.

It’s a great method to personalize Your Lock Screen and keep it looking and feeling fresh.

iPhone adds genius new trick
iPhone adds genius new trick

First, ensure that you’re running iOS 16 by going into Settings > General > Software updates.

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How to use Photo Shuffle on iOS 16?

Go to your Lock Screen and then touch and hold it.

Now wait for Customise to appear, and then tap the + at the bottom of the screen.

Next choose the option that says Photo Shuffle.

You’ll be presented with a load of options.

For example, you could select specific faces to display in the category People.

You can also choose Pets Nature, Pets, or Cities, or you can choose a combination.

At the bottom you’ll find another option to choose the photos manually.

You can also alter the Shuffle Frequency that determines the speed at which the photos change.

The choices include:

On Tap
On Lock

Once you’ve chosen your options then activate the feature, and it’ll go live.

You can switch to the background you used anytime by holding and tapping to the Lock Screen and then swiping across.

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