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Is GaN Better Than Silicon?

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Is GaN Better Than Silicon?-GadgetAny

Gallium nitride is a semiconductor that has exceptional properties and has been used for a long time in electronic goods like LEDs in the 1990s to emit light in TVs, computer screens, etc. It was used for converting light into electricity.

In recent years, silicon is being replaced by GaN which has found its way into transistors. Of late, companies producing USB chargers are talking a lot about GaN (Gallium Nitride technology).

GaN is a good alternative to silicon in transistors as they are small faster and carry more power, they are four times faster and provide power much more efficiently. Silicon transistors are 87% power efficient and GaN transistors are 95% efficient.

GaN vs Silicon

Advantages of GaN technology

  • The smaller size of the transistor means a smaller size of chargers.
  • Increased efficiency in an electronic product means lesser heat production.
  • The chance of overheating is less so will help in keeping the device safe.
  • Users get worked up when the chargers heat up which is a common factor in silicon-built chargers but is not the same with GaN chargers.
  • GaN transistors assist in faster switching for better control of overheating and voltage fluctuation.
  • Efficiency and fast switching are important for USB-C chargers as they carry increased power loads with 100W currently and in the pipeline are 240W.

However, with all the above-mentioned advantages, it does not mean that you should throw away a perfectly working silicon charger but if your charger is worn out and you need a new one, you should go in for a GaN charger.

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