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It’s Not a screwdriver, But World’s Largest Electrolyzer

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It’s Not a screwdriver, But World’s Largest Electrolyzer-GadgetAny
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The biggest electrolyzer in the world has reportedly arrived at its test site in Herya, Norway, according to HydrogenPro.

Chemical Engineering announced in a news release on September 14 that the HydrogenPro electrolyzer would be assembled and placed into service in the next weeks.

A Crucial Point
Green hydrogen is produced using low-carbon or clean energy. Grey hydrogen, which makes up the majority of the hydrogen market and is created by steam reforming natural gas, has far higher carbon emissions than green hydrogen.

HydrogenPro Develops World's Largest Electrolyzer

“This project is a critical milestone for large, green hydrogen projects. It requires substantial planning, rigging, and the right equipment. This project is important to facilitate larger, green hydrogen projects, reducing carbon footprints and costs,” the company’s chief product officer (CPO) Karoline Aafos said in a statement.

According to HydrogenPro, the electrolyzer shipment that departed Tianjin, China, will produce 1,100 Nm3/hour of hydrogen at a normal current density. This, according to HydrogenPro, is equivalent to 100 kg of pure hydrogen every hour, setting a new benchmark for the industry. The electrolyzer’s diameter is two metres at the same time.

HydrogenPro Develops World's Largest Electrolyzer

Overview of HydrogenPro
HydrogenPro is a technology company that manufactures high-pressure alkaline electrolyzers and offers businesses enormous green hydrogen plants, according to its corporate portfolio. In conclusion, HydrogenPro focuses on hydrogen and renewable energy.

This is an important step for the company, according to Chief Commercial Officer Erik Christian Bolstad, because it shows that their method for manufacturing green hydrogen on a large scale works.

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