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Lock Your iPhone Screen With These Latest Widgets

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Lock Your iPhone Screen With These Latest Widgets-GadgetAny

With the launch of iOS 16, Apple wants to come up with the same features as it was in iOS 14, the widgets to the iPhone lock screen.

Each lock screen holds up to five widgets which can be cycled through at any time. Below the time icon is the grid with four squares and at the top is a widget with text. To check them out, you must press and hold the Lock Screen, click the Customize button, then tap on the widgets to see all the available options.

As always, third-party apps offer some excellent Lock Screen widgets as the ones Apple offers are limited. Moreover, there is no photo or colorful media in the options. Below are some of the ones mentioned from the curated list to choose your widget for the Lock Screen.

  • ScreenKit

ScreenKit iPhone Screen Widgets


This app’s iOS update has specially designed widgets for the Lock Screen. There are a hundred or more uses for which you can view the date, steps, reminders, and more on the Lock Screen with shortcuts.

  • Launcher

This app is famous for creating shortcuts for actions like music without leaving the Lock Screen.

  • Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith iPhone Screen Widgets


Widgetsmith brought about the revolutionary customizable widgets in iOS 14, which can be taken further to Lock Screen for adding devices to photos, weather, calendar, etc.

  • Carrot Weather

This app has 20 customizable widgets for the Lock Screen, which shows the weather forecast along with witty updates.

  • Flighty

Flighty iPhone Screen Widgets


As the name suggests, this app is a great way to see the flight progress, updates, and countdowns.

  • Lookup

An app is a popular dictionary that displays the word for the day on the Lock Screen.

  • Todoist

Todoist iPhone Screen Widgets


The task management app lets you view the to-do list from the Lock Screen.

  • Speedy

This app is free and allows you to add shortcuts for contacts to the Lock Screen, which is similar to the concept of speed dial but more developed. It also supports third-party messaging like Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.

The above apps are some of the ones we felt need to be mentioned; there are a whole lot of other apps in the market which will give you a total hang of the widgets.

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