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Marques Brownlee criticizes Dyson Zone headphones, calls them the "dumbest product" he ever reviewed

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(Image credit- Dexetro) Tech critics and YouTuber Marquess Brownlee have both panned the Dyson Zone headset. This device, which is a novel kind of wireless headset that also doubles as a portable air filter, has a few significant flaws that might turn it from a novelty into a serious health risk. The Dyson Zone is "The Dumbest Product I've Ever Reviewed," according to Marquess Brownlee. When Dyson debuted their new headgear, the Dyzson Zone, it promised a number of capabilities, according to the Dexerto article. In a stylish package, you'll get wireless connectivity, active noise cancellation, and an air filtering system. Unfortunately, it seems that the device is short on promises and long on issues. Marquess Brownlee, a tech YouTuber, recently examined the Dyson Zone headset and declared it to be "the dumbest product I've ever reviewed." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Marques Brownlee blasts Dyson Zone headphones “no one should buy it” - Dexerto Image credit - Dexerto[/caption] Brownlee brings the headset to fellow YouTuber Doctor Mike, who critiques it and outlines its shortcomings. First of all, the air filter on the headset lacks a seal and only filters air down to 0.1 microns, which allows airborne particles to enter the mask and exit the headset. When combined with the noise-canceling features of the headset, this could cause more issues than it fixes. Doctor Mike also discusses how the air filtering system drying up the user's mucous membranes could allow dangerous infections to infiltrate their system through their mouth and nose. Additionally, Brownlee uses the headset inside a portable lavatory, demonstrating that the air filtration technology is inadequate to effectively filter out even small particles. The device weighs 588 grams, which is a considerable amount and may put undue strain on someone's neck. See the video here: It makes sense why Brownlee says "No one should buy it, and no one probably will buy it" in light of the headset's multiple flaws. Given its $500 premium pricing and the aforementioned gadget problems, the Dyson Zone is difficult to recommend to anyone. Concerns have been raised about the Dyson Zone headset's implementation and design, and it seems that Dyson might have given the product's operation a little more care. The official company announcement provides further information about the Dyson Zone to fans. Also read: Pixel 6a’s image processing is superior than iPhone 14 Pro: YouTuber MKBHD In the end, the headset's only benefit was the excellent audio quality it provides. It's unfortunate that while the mask's distinctive and maybe cyberpunk-looking style, its key selling factor eventually falls short. Overall, the Dyson Zone headset is a device that, despite its best efforts, produces unsatisfactory results. Users should exercise extra caution and their own judgment when determining whether such a device is necessary for their daily lives because this unique technology is simply not there yet in terms of practical functionality.

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