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Microsoft Launches Loop in Public Preview Today

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Microsoft Launches Loop in Public Preview Today-GadgetAny

Image Source: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Notion has found a noteworthy competitor in Loop, released by Microsoft in public preview today. Similar to Notion, Loop is a hub to manage multiple tasks and lets teams collaborate in real time. Several Loop components were already available in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, the Word web app, and Outlook for Windows.
Microsoft created Loop with the intention for it to act as a flexible canvas for teammates to interact and collaborate in real-time. You can use the program for brainstorming and project management, as Loop wields progress-tracking tools for projects and two-way sync with services.
Loop has three major components: Loop pages, Loop components, and Loop workplaces, which may be used together to paste real-time content into apps such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Word. According to Microsoft, Loop intends to overcome the gaps in virtual teams, which have become more obvious during the pandemic, the period when Lood was developed.

Image Source: Plain Concepts

Loops simply are JavaScript widgets that allow users to communicate while working, such as in a chat, document, email, or even online meeting. The components may be basic such as lists, tables, and notes, or as complex as Dynamics 365, but they are constantly synchronized across the Microsoft 365 apps.
“At its core, Microsoft Loop is about people – people who want to create together with ease, no matter where they are or what tools they use. It’s a transformative co-creation experience that brings together teams, content, and tasks across your tools and devices,” explained Wangui McKelvey, General Manager, Apps & Endpoints at Microsoft.
Additionally, Microsoft Loop also delivers some AI-powered capabilities through the integration of the Microsoft 365 Copilot. “Copilot in Loop gives you AI-powered suggestions to help transform the way you create and collaborate. It guides you with prompts like create, brainstorm, blueprint, and describe,” further explained McKelvey.

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