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Online Dating Apps Alters The Dating Scene With AI Playing Cupid

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Online Dating Apps Alters The Dating Scene With AI Playing Cupid-GadgetAny
Prohibited AI Tools

It is impossible to get the person of your dreams; even if you do, it does not work out. Love is a tricky business, but you can’t do without it. In today’s world, technology is essential in making your world rock and roll, bells ringing, and Stevie Wonder singing “I Just Called to say.”

Dating apps are bringing people closer, and no matter where you stay, you can still meet, chat and understand before meeting in person. AI is playing Cupid.
Is it not true that all our day-to-day activities, like food, shopping, grocery, etc., are online, even our communication? Social media is an opening to forming new bonds. But how can we leave behind the love and dating apps in which AI plays a crucial role in getting partners together? It is not destiny anymore but AI that will decide your future partner.

Prohibited AI Tools


Societal norms, equality, disparity, interests, etc., are some factors for an ideal match. The apps, analytics, portals, etc., provide efficient and complex data and link your profile in AR and VR universe and Metaverse.

Future partners were often colleagues, classmates, neighbors, family friends, guests at family functions, etc. But today, dating apps are a visible way AI modifies the dating scenario. With dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, finding your life partner is easy without awkward meetings with the family and social pressure. It is quicker, more comfortable, and more accessible.

Prohibited AI Tools


AI platforms use DNA romance and filters to find a perfect partner for their customers. In addition, the apps exploit social media to know their interests, political opinions, hobbies, etc., and match their suitable partners.

As DNA testing is available at a reasonable cost and easily accessible, matchmaking using AI seems to be the future of dating or finding a custom-made partner. AI is not only responsible for finding a partner, but also the means of communication are changing. Taking note of the couple’s interests and activities, AI may plan their itinerary.

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