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Oura Smart Ring Can Now Figure Out if You Are a Morning Person or a Night Owl

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Oura Smart Ring Can Now Figure Out if You Are a Morning Person or a Night Owl-GadgetAny
Oura Ring Gen3

Image Credit: Oura Ring

The Oura Smart Ring has always kept sleep tracking as a priority, and now with its added chronotypes (sleep patterns), it can help users understand their circadian rhythms. As impossible as it sounds, a new sleep-tracking feature can now tell whether you are a night owl or a morning person.

Tech companies are now deeply focused on sleep as a health and wellness metric in their products. Oura is not left far behind on this trend either. Oura released a suite of new sleep-tracking features which will be available alongside Oura’s other health and wellness metric for their subscribers of the company’s $6 monthly service. 

Oura Ring’s new system update introduces chronotype selection to the Oura smart ring, which, with repeated use, will let you know your body’s preferred sleep schedule. In simple terms, the chronotype lets you know if you are a morning person or a night owl, and allows you to adjust your sleep schedule accordingly.

Research and other studies suggest that our chronotypes are entwined with our genetic code, and it takes a lot of work to dig out any information about it. Perhaps this is why Oura is built to measure activity, sleep-wake cycle, and body temperature to find a chronotype. The app also includes a description with a definition of the user’s chronotype and an optimal sleep schedule.  

“By revealing this information to users, our goal is that they can work with the grain in terms of their circadian rhythm, rather than against it, which ultimately is going to help with natural energy levels, sleep patterns, etcetera,” said Jason Russell, senior director of product at Oura. 

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Oura also added a couple of other updates as well, such as, a body clock feature that shows whether your sleep was aligned with your optimal sleep schedule. Another new metric, termed Sleep Regularity, shows whether your sleep was consistent over the last two weeks, and also an upgraded version of Sleep Scores that analyzes shorter sleep sessions.

Oura is also adding a new “fair” rating for sleep quality to leave a middle ground between other ratings like “optimal” or “pay attention.”

“We think fair is a better characterization for that,” said Russell. “That calls your attention to it in a light way.”

Most of the new features are available across the Gen 2 and Gen 3 Oura rings, although metrices like chronotype and body clock are available only for the Gen 3.

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