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Review of Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard: Delivering Premium 4K Output

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(Image credit- PR Newswire) Companies are under pressure to present themselves properly without going over budget due to the popularity of virtual meetings. Among other things, the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard is a product that provides a solution. Learn how it uses AI and other smart technologies in addition to high-resolution conferencing to enhance your overall video conference experience. Learn how it increases your video, audio, and total output while integrating with your system.

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard: What Is It?

For those who are unaware, Kandao just unveiled the Meeting Ultra, an AI 360° 4K-resolution conference camera with twin touchscreens that was created to compete with more established companies like Logitech. The Meeting Ultra Standard was a significant departure from the Meeting Ultra in that it did away with the device's screens in favor of a camera-only design. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Kandao Meeting Ultra and Meeting Ultra Standard • For Men Image credit- FMen[/caption] Although some may view this as a drawback, there are businesses that already have sophisticated big screens and only require a potent smart camera to improve their conference experience. An effective camera that offers businesses clever, high-resolution, and sharp audio output all in one gadget is the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard.

What Benefits Does Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard Have?

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard has the advantage of focusing on smart technology and artificial intelligence in addition to camera technology for improved video conferencing capabilities. It offers creative answers to some of the most annoying conference-related problems you might run into. A flexible adaption to your current setup is provided by the 4K video conferencing camera output, in addition to its capacity to improve your entire video conferencing experience. Simply purchase the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard to improve the caliber of your conferences rather than investing in more technology or changing your current setup. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1267"]Kandao Meeting Ultra and Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard, Revolutionary 4K  All-in-one AI 360 Conference Cameras Standard Now Available for Purchase Image credit- PR Newswire[/caption]

Features of Kandao Meeting Ultra Standards

There are several ground-breaking, cutting-edge features available in the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard. These are the ones you need to be aware of.

1. Complete 360-degree coverage for equal conferencing

Even though it is little, the apparatus can, when placed in the middle of the meeting room, cover the entire space. Ultra-high-quality fisheye lenses, provides a complete 360-degree vision to make sure that faces are still caught in the most realistic way possible. As a result, fewer devices are required to catch the entire team.

2. Smart Kandao Tracking

A technical specialist or someone who is committed to following the speaker and making sure they are the presentation's focus is needed for the majority of business virtual meetings. AI handles this for you with the Kandao Meeting Standard Ultra. Smart technology included in the gadget tracks and automatically centers the speaker so that everyone can concentrate entirely on the presentation.

3. Speaker Identification

The Kandao AI Detection Algorithm 4.0 enables the device to instantaneously identify the speaker and focus both the video and audio on them. Since the device's algorithm always spotlights the active speaker, participants in virtual meetings won't need to glance around the screen to figure out who is speaking. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Introducing Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard-The New Standard in Video  Conferencing - YouTube Image credit- YouTube[/caption]

4. Ambient Noise Cancellation in Kandao

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard is aware of the importance of both audio and visuals in a successful video conference. As a result, its creators developed an ambient noise-canceling tool that uses AI for its algorithms to filter out noise. The device can rapidly distinguish between critical sounds and background noise. It has been taught to filter out common annoyances including chair movement, pen clicking, door opening, automobile honking, and more.

5. With HDR, 4K

Kandao determined that 4K alone wasn't good enough and that the gadget needed 4K with HDR. This is a great way to illustrate how the Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard's ability to stream at 4K 30FPS allows for the capture and enhancement of more pixels. By doing this, photographs with excessive exposure and fuzzy resolutions are reduced. Also read: Samsung Smart TVs now support the Google Meet UI Upgrade

6. Kandao Integrated OS

The Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard has a built-in operating system that enables program installation right on the gadget. You can simply connect it to a screen, download your necessary apps, and hold meetings from the device rather than using a different device to access it. This offers a long-term option for companies that lack hardware or have a small number of PCs and devices.

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