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Ruark Audio R2 music system Launched for its fourth generation

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Ruark Audio R2 music system Launched for its fourth generation-GadgetAny

The British audio company Ruark has unveiled a fourth-generation R2 in an effort to set the standard even higher. The Mk4 adds sophistication to the mix with a Japanese-inspired, slatted wood grille and a super-strong “bonded” glass display.

The Mk4 is 20% slimmer than its predecessor and will fit comfortably on your windowsill. The Mk4 also features a USB-C port that can be used for playback and charging, as well as DAB+ and FM tuners.

Streamers have access to Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer. Built-in Bluetooth allows you to pair the R2 Mk4 wirelessly with any tablet or smartphone. You can also get a headphone out and an aux in.

While the ‘RotoDial” controller is still visible on the top of the unit’, the LCD display has been upgraded to a colour screen.

Ruark Audio R2

Ruark has not yet integrated voice controls, but Frontier Silicon claims you can control R2 Mk4 using Frontier Silicon’s UNDOK App or by spending an extra PS15 for the optional remote.

Ruark Audio. Ruark Audio has a history of creating excellent all-in-one music solutions. We are optimistic that the R2 Mk4’s “excellent dynamics”, which we reviewed in 2015, will be improved upon by the R2 Mk3. Ruark Audio’s NaturalSound+ drivers are a positive sign…

Are you ready to clear a space on your table or windowsill? Available in two finishes, the Ruark Audio R2 Mk4 will be available starting October at PS479 (around $505 / AU$820)

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