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Self-Cleaning Chaibot Smart Tea Machine Is Up On Crowdfunding

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On Indiegogo, a crowdfunding campaign for the Brewconcepts ChaiBot Tea Machine has begun. Using loose leaves, tea bags, matcha, or chai, the equipment can produce up to six cups of tea simultaneously. Using a smartphone app, you can save your preferred settings for automating brewing. In addition, the device offers a cleaning function. Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine. Brewconcepts, the manufacturer of the product, states that it may be used to brew tea with tea bags, loose leaves, or fresh ingredients. The device can also be used to prepare matcha and chai teas with frothy foam. The machine's advantages include a uniform flavor and up to thirty percent more antioxidants. The company claims that the process is up to four times faster than using a kettle and that the device can make up to six cups of tea simultaneously. The ChaiBot can keep your tea warm for up to two hours, and according to Brewconcepts, the device is efficient since it only brews the exact amount of water you require. You may automate the brewing process in the future by storing your preferred tea-brewing parameters in an associated app. The ChaiBot has a self-cleaning mode, an ABS plastic body in black, white, or green, and brewing equipment made of glass and steel. The machine has dimensions of 310 x 172 x 366 mm (12.2 x 6.7 x 14.4 inches) and weighs 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds). Currently, the ChaiBot Smart Tea Machine is available for $185 via the Indiegogo campaign, representing a 26% discount off the MSRP. The company is sending the product internationally, with orders anticipated to be fulfilled in March.

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