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Terminus Improves Go-To-Market Leadership Through Important Promotions

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Terminus Improves Go-To-Market Leadership Through Important Promotions-GadgetAny

To bolster its go-to-market leadership, Terminus, the sector’s only genuine ABM platform for revenue development, has announced additional promotions. 

The business appointed Carter Lassy as the chief product officer and Natalie Cunningham as the chief marketing officer.

Cunningham, a dynamic SaaS marketing professional, has a proven track record of bringing together go-to-market teams to generate steady revenue development. 

Cunningham expanded her experience at a B2B marketing agency before becoming senior vice president of marketing at Terminus, providing advice to Fortune 500 companies on ABM, demand generation, brand, PR, and digital. She most recently had executive leadership positions in fast-growing SaaS companies, such as Boardable and Conga, where she was effective in scaling and optimizing their marketing operations.

To assist in transforming Terminus’ go-to-market strategy, Lassy was promoted to chief product officer and joined Cunningham on the executive team. 


To continue providing the most complete ABM platform for B2B marketers, Lassy will modernize Terminus’ product lifecycle management, strengthen its go-to-market positioning, and invest in future innovation. Before joining Terminus, Lassy honed his enterprise software expertise at Experian, where he oversaw product development, strategy, and architecture. 

In order to scale the company’s worldwide product strategy, Lassy joined as senior vice president of product and chief architect when Experian spun off Cheetah Digital in 2017.

The announcement made today represents an important turning point for Terminus. The expertise of Cunningham and Lassy in bridging the revenue impact gap and awareness of the challenges faced by marketers will be crucial in enhancing the company’s position in the industry.

This statement comes after the business was named a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: B2B Advertising Solutions, Q3 2022 study, and The Forrester New WaveTM: Account-Based Marketing Platforms, Q1 2022 report.

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