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Tesla Introduces New Cybertruck Teaser, Featuring New Tool Rack

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Tesla teases new Cybertruck accessory: a tool rack (Image credit- Electrek)

The Cybertruck's first accessory, a specially constructed tool rack that mounts on the electric pickup truck's bed, was unveiled by Tesla during an event in Texas as the vehicle is finally getting close to going into production. A healthy energy economy requires increased lithium refining capacity, so today we're breaking ground on our own lithium refinery south of Corpus Christi, Texas. Elon Musk, the CEO, rode the Cybertruck, which has a specially constructed tool rack, to the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Tesla Lithium Refinery in Texas. The carmaker has reportedly been planning more accessories for the electric pickup truck, according to a report. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Tesla Cybertruck Tool Rack Teased In Official Video Image credit- InsideEVs[/caption] Tesla has not commented on that matter since the Cybertruck program's delay, despite the fact that the plant was built four years ago. However, the appearance of the pickup truck with a new accessory may be one of the company's teasers for the upcoming vehicle given that it is finally getting close to production. Tesla demonstrated what the new attachment is capable of. The new tool rack makes other attachments for the Cybertruck compatible by providing a place to lay goods flat on the vehicle's top or bed. The two shovels carried on the tool rack were utilized by CEO Musk and Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the event. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Tesla Unveils New Teaser for Cybertruck, Equipped with New Tool Rack | Tech  Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] The shovels were fastened with some sort of locking mechanism at two different spots. However, given how the CEO took the shovels apart, anyone could have done the same because they weren't entirely locked. But it's possible that this was done on purpose to make the ceremony go more smoothly. Also read: Elon Musk Announces Q3 2023 Cybertruck Delivery Event for Tesla Fans Many Tesla supporters had already expressed the wish that this was the first official look at the Cybertruck accessory from the brand. Nevertheless, as Tesla Powertrain and Energy Engineering Senior Vice President Drew Baglino revealed in an interview, Drive Tesla claimed that this might have been created particularly for today's event and might not go into production. Baglino merely said that he still does not know if the company would produce the accessory for all Cybertruck customers or if it can be purchased separately. He did, however, reveal that Tesla is producing a large number of accessories for the future car, but he chose not to elaborate.  

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