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The Android 14 upgrade from Samsung appears much earlier than expected

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The Android 14 upgrade from Samsung appears much earlier than expected-GadgetAny
Android 14

Android 14: All there is to know about this year’s big update (Image credit- Trusted Reviews)

The first concrete proof of Samsung’s Android 14 update surfaced this week, far earlier than expected. Samsung has been accelerating the tempo of its Android version updates.

Of course, Android 14 is not yet complete. The new system’s beta has already been released by Google, and a second one should be available soon. Although the update doesn’t appear to be particularly significant, it does include some cool new features that we’ve previously discussed.

However, strangely, as several Twitter users pointed out, Samsung is now testing out early internal releases of its Android 14 update on Galaxy S23 handsets. SamMobile employees discovered builds for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4.

Samsung testing One UI 6.0 earlier than expected; update will include Android  14 - PhoneArena
Image credit – PhoneArena

Although the new update won’t be available to users for some time, it is not surprising that Samsung is already testing it. But the timing, in this case, is noteworthy.

According to the source who discovered the initial test builds, Samsung has completed this phase of internal testing relatively early—roughly two months ahead of schedule. Although looking back, we did note that the update’s initial signs appeared in June, it’s still fantastic to see Samsung making new advancements.

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It is verified that the long-standing problems with background apps on Galaxy devices will be fixed in Android 14, which is believed to be termed “One UI 6.0,” but it is not yet known what else Samsung has in mind.


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