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These Cars Will Definitely Take Home Awards for the Most Uncomfortable Cars Ever

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Image Source: Amazon EU While discussing which automobiles are the greatest has their place, complaining is far more entertaining. Sometimes you simply need to let it all out. Well, we recently asked you to tell us about the least comfortable automobiles you've ever driven. And you certainly delivered. Neither were they all track-ready supercars. Regular automobiles might also cause your body to pain when driving. We received far too many responses to include them all here, so this is just a sampling of all the cars you said were the most difficult to drive.

Military Humvee

The Hummer H1 wasn't known for its comfort, so it's hardly surprising that the initial military Humvee was anything but. Since we're about it, why not mix tanks and personnel carriers together with the Humvee? None of those sound remotely pleasant.

Toyota MR2 Spyder

Tiny, cramped, noisy, and regularly blown around by semis on the highway made it exhausting in and of itself, but the lack of cruise control proved downright awful on extended travels.

Ford Flex

Someone with short arms and a long torso will have a difficult time getting comfortable in a car that was not made to match their body proportions. Sometimes an automobile was just not created with your body type in mind.

Lamborghini Countach

You can't see anything, and your legs and hips are at an odd angle that quickly gets unpleasant for anyone taller than 6 feet. It's quite awful, to the point of destroying the experience.

BMW Z4M Coupe

This car moves like a dream on perfect roads but is absolutely dreadful on anything less.

Dacia Sandero

There is no ergonomics at all. You can't reach the gear shifter if you adjust the seat in a comfortable position for your legs. Your legs become tight if you place your seat in a favorable position for shifting. The foam used in the seat cushions is unbelievably poor, being both too soft on your rear and too harsh on your back, with the worst lumbar support ever seen. When you finally locate the least unpleasant driving posture and adjust your mirrors, you notice that the steering wheel obscures all vital information from the dash.

Ford Focus RS

The ride quality is poor, the seats hurt after a while since they literally squeeze you, and it's quite noisy.

Mazda Miata

It's unfortunate that so many individuals are simply too large to fit comfortably. That is why it has been previously proposed that Mazda should produce a second, larger Miata that is suitable for tall persons.

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