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Threads is working on an API for developers

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Threads started as a social network, kind of like Twitter (which is now called X), but it didn't have all the cool stuff people expected. Recently, they've been adding more features, like polls, easy GIF posting, and quoting posts on the web. These changes make Threads better, but there's something missing – an API. This API is like a magic tool that lets other developers create special features for Threads. Without it, the social network can't become a bigger part of our daily lives. Good news, though! Adam Mosseri, the boss of Instagram, said Threads is working on an API for developers. However, he's a bit worried about how people will use it. He doesn't want the API to fill Threads with lots of stuff from publishers and not enough from creators. But he knows they have to do it. Mosseri also talked about what Threads is all about. It's not here to spread news like newspapers do. Instead, it wants to help creators – the people who make cool stuff online. Mosseri's dream for this application is to become a big, important place for public conversations on the internet. He wants it to be popular and culturally relevant. Read More- Meta rolls out new AI assistant and studio He even thinks this application might become even bigger than X (that's Twitter, by the way). But he knows they have a long way to go to reach that goal. Right now, his team is working hard to make Threads better for us, week by week. And here's something exciting – Mark Zuckerberg, the company's boss who owns Threads, said they have almost 100 million people using the app every month. That's a lot of users! He's hopeful that the application will get even bigger and maybe have a billion users in a couple of years. So, it looks like Threads has a bright future ahead!

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