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Tricks: How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones and Airpods

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Tricks: How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones and Airpods-GadgetAny

When our electronic gadgets do not work, we put them off, which works like a charm!

But alas, not every Device has the feature of resetting. For example, AirPods and Bluetooth headphones do not have this option. So how do we make them work without going to the service center at home?

If Bluetooth headphones need a restart, we unpair them and again pair them back. However, this step does not always work.

For AirPods, unpair them from the Device, then go to Bluetooth settings in your iPad or iPhone, whichever you are using it with. Next, tap the (i) button on the AirPods, scroll down, choose the option Forget This Device, and then tap Forget Device.

For Mac, go to Bluetooth in the System Preferences, right-click on AirPods and select Remove. Next, place the AirPods back in their charging case and hold the button for 15 seconds with the lid open. The light turns to Amber and blinks thrice; now let go of the control, and the Amber turns to white, signaling that it is ready for pairing.

The same applies to Beat earbuds. Unpair the Beat from your Device, place it back in its case, and hold the button for 15 seconds or until the light turns red.

AirPods Max is slightly different in approach. First, unpair them. Then hold the Digital Crown and noise control buttons for 15 seconds until the LED turns to Amber.

The same steps apply to other Bluetooth headphones and earbuds but may not be a standard procedure. The above are Apple products; other brands will have different approaches. If you are not finding these steps helpful, do specific research for the model of your Bluetooth headphone.

Courtesy: lifehacker

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