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US Air Force will unveil B-21 Raider, most technologically advanced strike aircraft with stealth capabilities

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The B-21 Raider, reportedly the most technologically advanced combat aircraft in the world, will be unveiled by the US Air Force. In Palmdale, California, on Friday, November 29, the news will be made. The aforementioned fighter jet has enhanced stealth technology that makes it suitable for nuclear long-range missions. If the ground tests proceed as planned, they should take to the skies by next year. Dough Young, sector vice president for Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems, claims that B-21 is a model of "pioneering innovation and technological excellence." Additionally, he stated in a news release that the design and construction of this aircraft required the hard work of thousands of individuals. b-21 Raider Without Northrop's assistance, the most cutting-edge strike aircraft will not be designed. In 2015, the US Air Force granted the Virginia-based aerospace technology company approval to design this fighter plane. Tom Jones, the president of Northrop Corporate, was quoted as saying that this expensive aircraft is "designed for operations in highly contested locations." Because of how heavily it relies on its effective stealth mechanism, adversaries should be cautious about it. It has the most cutting-edge military design and is a sixth-generation fighter jet that is meant for "long-range conventional and nuclear operations." Six B-21 stealth raiders are now being assembled in Palmdale, according to Northrop. b-21 Raider Visit Northrop Grumman's website for further details if you want to see the B-21 combat jet's secret revealed. However, only a small number of viewers will have access to it, and they will only be picked by invitation. Chinese J-20 "Mighty Dragon" stealth fighter jets are advancing quickly to compete with US F22 and F35 aircraft B-21 raiders are just one aspect of the US Air Force and Northrop collaboration. The military team has reportedly paid nearly $100 million to buy an additional 45 AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radars from the armament manufacturer, according to an article published on Tuesday, Nov. 29 by Flight Global. A fleet of Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets and 42 radars were part of the Air Force's initial deal with Northrop.

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