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Why your AirTag is not updating location? - 8 Tips to fix it

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(Image credit- Candid.technology) One of the greatest ways to track your belongings is through Airtags, especially if you're already a part of the Apple ecosystem. The tags' incorporation into the Find My network makes them very visible and they have a battery life of up to a year. They also transmit their location rather accurately. Nevertheless, they occasionally have unforeseen problems and glitches and are not faultless. In this essay, we'll discuss why Airtags sometimes fail to update their location and other pertinent data as well as possible solutions. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="3000"]11 Ways to Fix AirTag Precision Finding Not Working on iPhone - Saint Image credit- Saint[/caption]

Why AirTag Stops Updating Location?

An Airtag may fail to report its location or other characteristics for a variety of causes, but the following are some of the most frequent ones.
  • There is no power in the Airtag.
  • Inconsistency or error in the find my network.
  • There are no Find My devices nearby and the Airtag is located in a remote area.
  • The fact that Airtags are not real-time trackers and won't provide you with a real-time feed of their location is another crucial point to bear in mind.
  • Only when an Airtag pings a nearby Find My device, such as an iPhone, or another compatible device that can update its location on the network, does an Airtag's location change.
Airtags must always be close to a Find My device if you want them to deliver real-time tracking information.

Fixes for an AirTag, if it's not updating location

You can attempt the eight fixes listed below.

1. Hold off until the Airtag moves

The fact that an Airtag hasn't moved in real life is one of the most obvious reasons why it hasn't moved on the map. There's a strong possibility that an Airtag that has been broadcast into the world is still there, which keeps the location from changing if you're following it. Wait for the Airtag to move for a while, then ping another Find My device to see whether the location is updated. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="730"]Apple AirTag Not Working? 10 Tips to Fix AirTag Issues | Beebom Image credit- Beebom[/caption]

2. Wait for an Airtag ping from a Find My Device

As previously indicated, Airtags are unable to update their location because they are stuck in a remote place with no nearby Find My devices. A compatible device will update its location as soon as it enters an Airtag's range. If an Airtag is near a Find My device, it will update its location every 60 to 120 seconds, so there shouldn't be much of a wait.

3. No power in the Airtag

As previously indicated, an Airtag's dead battery is useless for tracking the tag itself. Since the Airtag is only a piece of plastic linked to whatever you're attempting to track, if the battery level on a certain Airtag was very low when it was last reported, there's a potential that the battery has died. It should restart once you replace the Airtag battery.

4. Physical tagging harm

The fact that an Airtag has been damaged and is no longer functional is another reason why it can disappear. If the tracker is in a very filthy area, dust may potentially get inside the Airtag and prohibit it from functioning. As a preventative measure, try cleaning the Airtag and changing the battery to check whether it functions properly once more. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]How To Fix Airtags Missing From Find My Image credit- Alphr[/caption]

5. Switch on the Find My app

It's really simple, but you won't be able to view the location of an active Airtag if the Find My app on your phone is disabled.
  • Go to the settings on your phone and select your Apple account.
  • Click FindMy app.
  • Along with the Find My Network slider, turn on the Find My Phone slider. Any Airtags linked to your Apple account will also use the aforementioned settings.
  • You should now be able to see the Airtags updating after restarting your phone.

6. Add the Airtag again

Sometimes the issue can be resolved by removing a specific Airtag and adding it once again. How? Read on.
  • Go to the Items tab in the Find My app by opening it.
  • To remove an Airtag, tap it.
  • Tap Remove Item as you scroll down.
  • Restart your phone now, then try adding the tag once more. It ought to resume operation.

7. Reset network configuration

Numerous issues, including Airtags failing to update their location, might result from improper network configuration. This clears the settings for your cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and VPN connections. Also read: How to Use Anti-Stalking Feature in iOS15 on iPhone with Apple AirTag?

8. Airtag reset

As a last resort, try resetting your Airtag to see if it helps if all else fails. Simply press the battery down until you hear a sound indicating a proper connection to reset the Airtag. Reset the Airtag by repeating the procedure a total of five times. The tag has been reset when the fifth sound, which differs from the first four, plays.

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