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Xiaomi automatic smart fingerprint door lock with HomeKit

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It's anticipated that the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock will soon go on sale in numerous nations. There are several ways to unlock the device, including a built-in fingerprint reader. Additionally, the device is Apple HomeKit compatible, enabling you to open the door using Siri voice commands or the Apple Home app. On the company's international website, the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock was unveiled, indicating that it will soon be available in countries throughout the world. The smart lock can be opened using seven different methods, including permanent and temporary passwords, NFC cards, the Apple Home app, Siri voice commands, and Bluetooth from your phone. Additionally, the device boasts a multifunctional fingerprint reader with 98.94% accuracy, according to Xiaomi, allowing you to open your door with a single motion. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock is an inflated door lock with a fingerprint sensor and NFC. We have a coupon - Xiaomi Planet Photo Credit: Xiaomi Planet After you close the door, the straight lock cylinder locks automatically in 0.8 seconds. Additionally, alarms can alert you to any unusual behavior, the presence of an open door, or low battery. The device also has an integrated doorbell and a physical emergency key for further security. The device may be controlled using the Xiaomi app, and its battery life is predicted to be up to a year. You may connect the lock to other devices because it is compatible with the Xiaomi Mijia and Apple HomeKit smart home systems. Also read; Xiaomi pad 6 The tool is appropriate for doors with a thickness of 40 to 120 mm (1.6 to 4.7 in). It's unclear when, which regions, and how much the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock will cost to launch outside of China. For 1,799 yuan (about $265), Youpin is selling the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock in China. The same platform also offers the Xiaomi NFC Card, which costs 49 yuan (about $7), and is compatible with the lock.

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