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After Kardashian Sisters Criticism – Instagram Pauses TikToK-Like Features

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After facing Kardashian Sisters' criticism, Instagram responds by temporarily pulling out TikTok- like features from its platform. Meta's social media app Instagram has announced that it will temporarily remove all the TikTok-like features from its platform, making it look like a TikTok rival. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri confirmed the tech company's decision on Thursday, July 28. They discontinued the app's test version as the changes drew backlash from users worldwide. According to a new report from CNBC, many users, including celebrity sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, who have millions of followers on Instagram, slammed the company a few days back, saying that the app is copying TikTok. They expressed disappointment that Instagram was losing its originality and must stop mimicking TikTok.  Instagram Pauses TikToK-Like Features The Kardashian sisters even shared memes on Twitter, asking Meta to restore Instagram's previous features, keeping them as it was before. Instagram's most criticized test version allows its users to share full-screen videos. Moreover, the app keeps recommending posts to its users more often. The Chinese social media app TikTok has similar features, disappointing many users worldwide. Moreover, it shows Instagram as a competitor to TikTok and spoils its originality. So, to solve this ongoing issue, Meta announced its decision to pull out the features. Previously, Mosseri said they would continue the TikTok-like features on Instagram as they saw increased likes and shares using the platform features. However, as the backlashes grew more effective, they encouraged Meta to discontinue the criticized features.  Facebook and Instagram The Instagram Chief, Mosseri, admitted that it was their mistake to regard the TikTok like enhancements on Instagram. In an interview with the Platformer, He confirmed that in the next one or two weeks, Instagram would slowly remove those features. However, he explained that their step shows that the social media company thinks big to improve their platform. Mosseri further said, "I'm glad we took a risk - if we're not failing every once in a while, we're not thinking big enough or bold enough," He also said that they learned many things from the criticisms of Instagram fans and followers and certainly need to take a big step back. However, he clearly stated that although they have removed the TikTok-like features, they will still work on enhancing Instagram's videos. In the meantime, Instagram has launched the new Instagram Maps feature to help boost business, a new effort by Meta. Furthermore, the Instagram Creator Marketplace is finally available for users this year.

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