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Amazon CEO confirms that the company would make additional cuts in 2023

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Amazon CEO confirms that the company would make additional cuts in 2023-GadgetAny
Hiring pace at Amazon has slowed dramatically

Andy Jassy, the chief executive officer of Amazon, informed the company’s staff via memo on Thursday that layoffs will resume in early 2023. Just last week, Amazon let go of several of its employees. 

According to earlier reports, the layoffs will affect 10,000 workers, including those in the business and technology departments. After major layoffs this week, Amazon will once more be reducing employment in 2023. 

The company’s planning process will be extended, according to a statement sent to employees by Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy. 

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He also explained that position reductions were necessary since top executives would be making more changes.

Amazon has stated that it will continue to make layoffs but that it will only share confirmed choices. Jassy added that prior to making an announcement both internally and externally, direct employee communication is the company’s top priority.

According to Bloomberg, they will have 60 days to locate other employment. If they are unable to do so, they will receive a severance compensation depending on their tenure. The claim further says that in addition to job losses, voluntary buyouts were also made available to employees.

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The rumoured 10,000 layoffs at the corporation reportedly began this week as managers and supervisors started telling staff they have two months to transfer to another company. 

According to a TechCrunch story, the CEO has accelerated the company’s cost-cutting measures, which is why there have been layoffs. Amazon recently made the Christmas quarter’s lowest revenue growth projection. 

The number of full-time and part-time employees on Amazon’s payroll rose to 1.62 million in March, according to a report, before falling to 1.54 million in September.

Additionally, according to Vox, these layoffs were first announced internally by the management before being made public. According to the CEO’s most recent remark, this strategy will still be used.

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