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An escort-boy reveals startling details about what women want in bed

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Ross* is a 36-year-old London escort boy. In other words, he charges ladies to use his services. It might be a straightforward meal or sex. The Briton consented to disclose his employment in an interview with The Sun, saying, "I started escorting by accident after talking to a coach at my gym in 2018. He revealed to me that he was doing far more than I was. I made the decision to go for it since I love having sex with ladies and I'm straight. A fifty-year-old woman asked me to use my hands to force her to come during our first session. I was scared, but she appeared content.Intimate couples Over time, Ross has grown more at ease keeping his identity a secret: "The majority of my work comes through an agency. To list my information on the website, I pay a monthly charge. I don't display my face online, but if clients request it, I can offer them with naked images of myself. Because you never know what I might do in the future, I don't want to be known on the internet. My occupation is acting, but it never really took off. The 30-year-old charges 170 euros for virtual appointments on Zoom and WhatsApp, or 1 euro each minute. He generally meets with two to three women every week and does as they request.Intimate couple

Dating more normal than you think

On a Tuesday, Ross furthermore joined Katy, a frequent visitor, in a hotel: "We talk, and then, at his request, we make love very slowly, in the posture of the missionary. I consistently use a condom. He thinks that, even if they do occasionally reveal their age, his clients are often in their forties: "Sometimes, I am asked to put on specific attire, but never anything sinister. You wouldn't believe how much the majority of women want dating to be "normal." When it comes to accouterments, Ross always packs a vibrator, lube, ties, and oils: "If the woman is anxious, a massage is a nice approach to start touching herself.

More than an escort-boy, a confidant!Intimate couple

Ross enjoys enhancing the seductiveness of women: "I have a regular who likes me to punish her, another who wants to have sex next to a window, and a new one who likes to recreate a pornographic movie. Seeing them lose control is incredibly wonderful. And I get paid for it, which is flattering to my ego. The Brit does not always extend romantic advances.Intimate couple He occasionally acts as the stand-in boyfriend. But because he is unmarried, he worries that some people will have improper sentiments for him, as has happened in the past. He does not think twice to block them as things get worse. Apart from that, he loves his job: "I learnt how vital it was to listen to women. Sex isn't everything. I often leave my appointments feeling more like a therapist than an escort boy. Maybe that will be my future job. »

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