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The "strongest water gun in the world" is back and wetter than ever.

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Image Credit: T3 One of the strong, electronic water pistols that Sypra is known for producing debuted on Kickstarter in 2018. The SpyraThree, which is well-called, is the third water pistol the firm is now offering. It has additional settings for whether you want to take your conflicts very seriously or are just seeking some casual summer fun. Before we discuss those, let's discuss what sets the Spyra apart from the typical Super Soaker and how it justifies its astronomical price of $179 per gun. The SpyraThree, like the SpyraTwo (which is still available for around $5 cheaper), has an electronic firing system that can spray water almost 50 feet when you charge a "PowerShot" and can spray humans from about 30 feet away. It refuels itself as well. Put the barrel in some water, pull the trigger forward, and you're ready to start firing again in a few seconds. Additionally, it has a panel that displays the battery and tank levels. According to a press release from the company, each tank carries "approx. 22 water blasts," each of which will hit your opponents with a 30ml bolt of water. One full charge will allow you to reload the tank about 100 times. By the way, you should be able to recharge the battery using USB-C. Read more: 10 hidden features in your Tesla that you may not be familiar with As you might have predicted, the SpyraThree has three firing modes while the SpyraTwo only has one. Both games have what Spyra refers to as a "League" mode that gives you access to the extra PowerShot and allows you to fire a set number of shots before locking you out for a brief period to "reload." However, the SpyraThree also has a burst mode that fires three shots each time you press the trigger and an "open" mode that lets you fire as often as you like without the artificial reload time. On the company's website, it is stated that using the last mode "will cause your tank to deplete insanely fast."

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