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Apple to lay off company retail employees as it finally concedes to the effects of a stagnating economy

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Image Source: Apple While Apple tried to avoid layoffs as much as possible, the new report demonstrates that the deteriorating economy and other reasons outweighed the company's last-ditch attempts. The Cupertino corporation now intends to reduce its corporate retail staff headcount, although these employees might be put in any of the company's other divisions that serve a comparable position. Apple allegedly assured staff that they would not be let off and that they may seek a similar position inside the firm. Though Bloomberg does not have a precise figure, the article claims that the number of layoffs is quite tiny. Nevertheless, it is unclear whether Apple will remove other staff as part of its reduction strategy or whether this is the only one we will learn about. According to the article, Apple informed staff that they would not be fired off, but that modifications were being implemented to enhance the upkeep of its retail shops. [caption id="attachment_138245" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Apple Headquarters Image Source: Wired[/caption] Apple employees who are let go have the chance to apply for a similar position inside the firm. If employees do not choose to reapply, they may get up to four months' salary, which should be plenty if they seek employment elsewhere. It was rumored last month that Apple will not announce any layoffs. Instead, the corporation used other cost-cutting measures such as postponing incentives, limiting new recruitment, and seizing other product development plans. Also Read: Zoom Lays Off 1,300 Employees - 15% of the Total Workforce? Apple CEO Tim Cook is also rumored to be taking a 40% salary reduction, and during the company's Q1 2023 earnings call, the CEO stated that laying off people would be a last choice. Nonetheless, Apple's condition is not as bad as that of other technological businesses, most likely because the company did not aggressively employ. Sadly, this move cost companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others a lot of money in the long run, since they were said to have cut thousands of jobs. Despite Apple's meticulous recruiting procedure, it could not avoid the inevitable, but when compared to other companies, firing off corporate retail personnel is only a fragment of the company's total employment, thus Apple can be commended for looking out for its people.

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