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At 25, Alina Rabea loves a man of her father’s age

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At 25, Alina Rabea loves a man of her father’s age-GadgetAny
Sugar daddy couple

Is age just a number in love? Does it really matter whether one of the couples is younger or older if there is love between them? When she first met her friend, Alina Rabea did not inquire.

However, her couple upsets on the social networks where the 25-year-old woman has built a significant community. The 25 years between her and her companion are in dispute.

Twenty-five years apart

In just one month, Alina Rabea has amassed more than 1.7 million “Likes” and more than 110,300 followers on the social media platform TikTok. She and her lover don’t think twice about showing off their romance and including the website’s visitors in their daily lives on the latter.

However, the notes left under their videos aren’t always nice to the pair, who don’t appear to think much of the 25 years that have separated them.

A profound love

If Alina has chosen to publicly share her experience, it is because she and her partner have a great love for one another and don’t consider age to be a factor. The couple can be seen kissing and caressing one another at a park in a video with more than 1.2 million views.

The companion picks up Alina and spins her around in his arms. Alina added the hashtag #iloveyou and expressed her love for the person with whom she shares her life in the comments. She said, “Thank you for making this the happiest year of my life. I don’t give a damn what they say; I’m in love, she continued.

Sugar daddy couple
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Love or venality?

The young woman’s followers were astonished by their relationship and attacked the couple for their age gap despite their loud support for genuine love and affection. “No, no,” a first-person remarked.

A second whispered, “I assumed it was your father,” as another reflected the same thinking. Some TikTok users didn’t hold back while making the bold claim that Alina was unquestionable with her boyfriend for financial gain. One person proclaimed, “Sugar Daddy,” while another inquired, “Does he have any money?”

Nevertheless, Alina and her friend could count on a few congratulations and words of support from those who passed by their idyllic setting. Some even offered them luck for the future. A subscriber concluded, “It’s your life, and I wish you a nice life.

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