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Babbel is once again offering lifetime access for $199

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Babbel is once again offering lifetime access for $199-GadgetAny

Between November 11 and 30, new Babbel users can purchase lifetime memberships for $199. This will be the last time the company will host this promotion, so once it ends, it’s gone for good. Learning a language can help you get jobs abroad and make connections with people from other cultures.

According to Babbel, college graduates in the United States who are fluent in a foreign language earn 2% more than their single-language counterparts. This is due to a variety of factors, including enhanced access to foreign jobs and international companies looking to find multilingual employees.

Image: Babbel

You’ll need to learn another language before applying for these positions. The Babbel app provides 15-minute lessons, letting you study between classes, during your lunch break, or right before bed. It covers topics like ordering food, asking for directions, and conducting business so you can have real-life conversations while traveling or communicating with global clients and colleagues.

Babbel can teach you a new language within just a month. Its speech-recognition technology analyses your pronunciation and provides feedback. You will also receive personalized review sessions to confirm your understanding. Your progress is synchronized across devices, so you can open the app on your iPhone and resume where you left off on your desktop.

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