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BMW Recalls 14,000 EVs For Battery Software Updates

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BMW is the most recent automaker to recall some of its electric cars. Some i4 and i7 sedans, as well as some iX SUVs, have a problem with the battery-management software for the traction batteries that might cause a car to momentarily lose power. The software in the battery-electronic control units of those cars needs to be updated as a result. With a tip from a Chinese BMW that one of its EVs had a drivetrain warning light, the issue was initially brought to BMW's notice in June of last year. When this was linked to the high-voltage battery ECU, BMW began looking into the issue. By the end of November, 10 US warranty cases involving a brief power outage had been located. In the middle of December, BMW decided to issue a recall after its engineers realized that the issue might also affect other models. BMW expands EV components production | Automotive News Europe Photo Credit: Automotive News Europe Though it estimates that only 1% of those vehicles would be affected by the issue, BMW is recalling 14,086 EVs. In particular, it is recalling 38 i7s from February 22, 2022, to October 27, 2022, 8,659 i4s from March 17, 2021, and 5,389 iXs from February 4, 2021, to October 28, 2022. The remedy entails replacing the battery ECU software, but there is no over-the-air update; BMW will be getting in touch with owners about this operation in early February.

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